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Thread: Winter Flies

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    Default Winter Flies

    Seeking some help on the best winter "go to" flies.

    Will be fishing in Eastern PA mostly.

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    Default Re: Winter Flies

    Tiny nymphs in general have a chance for a tough winter bite. Zebra midges and scuds are two patterns that work locally. Not sure you can tie them too small which is more challenging with cold fingers. Larger than #18 can make the fishing even harder here.

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    Default Re: Winter Flies

    For trout, I use hare's ear, pheasant tail, Griffith's Gnat, BWO, Woolly Bugger, Marabou streamer, midge larva, any soft hackle, not necessarily in that order. Nymphs, wets and streamers can be the same size as in any other season, imo, they live underwater year round. The dries size 20-16, although others on the same water use smaller. I like fishing to fish I can see, because the fly needs to go to them they won't be as active as in July.

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    In Winter, here in CA's Eastern Sierra, the most effective fly patterns are Baetis and Midges. Black Fly Larva, or Simuliidae, can be very productive if they are in the biomass:

    True Fly Family Simuliidae (Black Flies) hatch & pictures

    Whatever one selects, it must be placed close to feeding Trout. They will not move very far to take a fly in very cold water...

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    No 1 on my list is not having to change flies too often with cold wet fingers and for that I will most often go for a "fly" consisting of a tungsten bead head and micro chenille body, tails are optional and can be almost anything you want. I rarely put a hackle on them but the main thing is they are tough and stand up to grubbing around on the bottom without damage. Size 12 - 16 (can't tie smaller now) but would certainly go smaller given the option.

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