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  1. Default How Do You Get Flies To Look "Like New" Again?

    Hey y'all,

    After fishing, using streamers this weekend, I noticed that they all look like they are still wet and all matted together. After I rinse them off when I get back home, I dry them with a towel, but they never do look even close to as good as they did before I used them.
    I hope that at least a couple people know what I'm talking about... I don't know how to describe it. lol

    How do you get the feathers and all the material spread out again, all dried out, and make it not look like a clumped together mess.
    I'm pretty anal retentive about my stuff, but if there isn't anything that I can do, I guess I will have to just get over it. haha.

    Thanks y'all,

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    Default Re: How Do You Get Flies To Look "Like New" Again?


    You can boil water in a tea pot and while holding flies with forceps steam them in the stream of vapor coming from the spout. This works very well.


  3. Default Re: How Do You Get Flies To Look "Like New" Again?

    Doesn't matter what they look like in the box, it's what they look like in the water that counts.
    I actually prefer them to be matted in the box; makes it easier to pluck one out without inadvertently grabbing marabou from three others.

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    Default Re: How Do You Get Flies To Look "Like New" Again?

    You can spend your time steaming them over the teakettle as Hardy says but you have to understand that as soon as they hit the water they will go to a rested shape. If you have kinked or badly bent feathers it might be worth steaming but IMHO it's not necessary........

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