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    Default moffitt angling system

    Hey everybody,

    I have been noticing adds for this fishing system in magazines. I have heard good and bad. some say its great and you hook mor fish because they (cant) see the hook. Other say there bad because they snag the fish on the outside of the mouth wich is technichally a foul hook set when you think about it.

    I Beleive there a bad idea because it's basically snagging the fish.

    What does everbody else think about these rigs? Do they do really work like the testimonials say on the site? This link is to the testimonials. Moffitt Store: What anglers have to say about the Moffitt System

    "I have a river runs through it on blue ray, so yeah, I guess you could say I know a thing or two about fly fishing."

  2. Default Re: moffitt angling system

    I don't know that you'd necessarilly attract more fish and/or get more hits than typical fly fishing, they still have to be attracted to the fly. Whether or not the hook sets are more efficient is a moot point, it's snagging...


  3. Default Re: moffitt angling system

    Basically, Alaska has been doing for years with the Salmon and suspended egg. I see it being effective on rivers. The fish hits a soft rubber fly, then gets it teeth flossed. The Circle hook to prevent them swallowing it and force it to hook the side of the mouth, which face it, that is what we would all like to do. It is basically snagging however.

    I can see it's effectiveness. Don't know if it catches more fish but probably more gentle.
    Don't know that I would ever try it, but I would be watching like a hawk if someone next to was using it, and even sneaking in their if it was hammering the fish.
    I can't knock it till I try it I guess.

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    Default Re: moffitt angling system

    I'll reserve judgment until I see it in action.... I do Know Pat Moffit but haven't seen him in years. I can say that he is an upfront guy & would not promote something he did not believe in & he is very knowledgeable about the sport & environmental issues...

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    Default Re: moffitt angling system

    I don't have a problem with the "Method" since I do use it for fishing egg patterns at certain times of the year. This is not a new method and I find it ironic that someone is spending time and money trying to market something that is not original nor "Their System".

  6. Default Re: moffitt angling system

    Like what some have posted, this is technically snagging and would be illegal in some waters. Check the regs on any special water you maybe thinkng about using it on. That's my only issue with it. I would try it where it was appropriate.

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    Default Re: moffitt angling system

    Catching a fish with a hook outside the mouth is considered snagging and is illegal in both of the states I frequent - MI and OH. Actually, in Ohio, there are some exceptions for "forage fish."

  8. Default Re: moffitt angling system

    Out fishing today, there were allot of really soft hits. Like they suck the fly in and then spit it right out.
    I thought about this style and can see the interest for days when the fish are being leary.
    They grab hold of a little rubber nymph that probably has the texture of the real thing...then slide the line through its mouth till the hook makes contact.
    But I am betting there is allot of lower 48 states that this would be illegal. Not really sure why...yet.

  9. Default Re: moffitt angling system

    This rig is illegeal in Ohio, and I can understand why. It is theoretically snagging, and think about it.... It isn't always going to hook the fish in the outside of the jaw, and it has the potential the harm the fish when the leader is pulled through. It also has the possibility of tangling every third cast, which would lead to great difficulty on the water.This rig also has leverage against it.If the fish is hooked on the outside of the jaw, and you're pulling on the hook, wouldn't the hook most likely rip out of the fish??? I personally will stick to tradition in this matter.No rigs like this are findingtheir way onto my line soon.
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    Default Re: moffitt angling system

    I only have a problem with it being called the "Moffit Angling System". Let's call it what it is "Pegging Beads" and it has been around for a good number of years.

    In regards to it being nothing more than snagging I couldn't disagree more. The fish eat the fly and when the hook is set it either pulls directly into the corner of the mouth or it doesn't get them at all, I have had very few fish over the years that didn't have the fly securely in the corner of the mouth. I can't say that for traditional flies, especially using a tandem fly rig. In reality a tandem fly rig is much closer to a snagging setup than the Pegged fly setup is.

    My intent here is not to start an argument but you can't knock it unless you have tried it and have proof for yourself that it is more prone to snag fish than using a traditional fly setup.

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