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Thread: Perdigons

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    I've got a good buddy that is a guide and has been using perdigons quite a bit lately with good success. Wondering if anyone has any go-to perdigon patterns or favorites? Doing a little experimenting on the vise and want to get some different flies in the winter rotation. Also open to new/different winter midge patterns.

    Thanks for any ideas

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    I was in the deschutes Angler Flyshop recently and got into a discussion about euro nymphing with the owner. He said, kingfisher blue, coated with uv resin and a bright orange hot spot is a deadly attractor pattern tied on a sz 16 hook with 3.0mm bead. He went on to say almost of these lures will work if presented properly. Then he tried to sign me up for a class. Steelheading has been slow on the Deschutes the last couple years and the insect hatches are also in a down cycle...

    I'm planning to give it a try next month.

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    They slay in Spain. Perdigons are a very productive fly over here. When I see Frenchies their fly boxes are full of Perdigons too. You can fish Perdigons slow or fast, deep or shallow with equal results.

    Here's an editorial by Charlie Craven Perdigon Nymph

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