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  1. Exclamation How to Know Most Flies, Nymphs, etc

    Do any of you know of a Poster (that has good pictures) or some other way that a Novice like me can get to know what all these flies, wet and dry, look like? I know some but there are a whole bunch you all refer to. That way when someone talks about them I would know what they are talking about. Years ago, I think it was in North Carolina, I saw a large Poster that had about 100 good color drawings of the more common dry and wet flies and perhaps nymphs. Anyway I have a bunch of flies, but don't know what some of them are - yes I am still a novice BUT that is about to change this Spring!! Any help would be appreciated.

    BamaJack, my first post
    ps. I am really enjoying the Fly Fishing Forum - just joined.

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    Glad to see another newbie :-) Welcome. And by the way you are correct about this website. I have throughly enjoyed all of the responses to the "threads" I've posted & ones I have read by others. I don't ever remember seeing a poster like that anywhere. You might want to check on Google.

    There are tons of different flies to use. I believe that they can be catergorized into three groups & others may vary in their thoughts. Drys, Nymphs & what I like to call Sinkers. Drys are designed to float period. Most will have small bodies & lots of firmer hackle & are usually tied on smaller hooks. Nymphs will more than likely have softer hackle that is typically pulled back & will "ungulate or swim" in the upper portion, or top few inches of the water. Sinkers will be heavily weighted with a bead head or lead eyes. These will go straight to the bottom, depending on the speed of the water of course.

    I might suggest that you visit a local library & take out a fly tying manual. They are usually good to begin to learn the terminology. That was one way I learned along with taking several fly tying classes.

    Hope this kind of helps.

    Always in the Water,

    Tie One On

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    This happens to be one of my favorite subjects about fly fishing. Here are a couple of posts/links that may help you find what you are looking for. I think that you will find them helpful. The best way is to checkout some of the online fly tiers and fly shops and look at the flies that they offer to see what type of flies you have in your collection. Hope it helps.

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    Posters: flies&f=t&FindID=0&P=1&PP=5&sortby=RD&cname=&Searc hID=

    Well, I guess that's just one poster, they were harder to find via google than I expected. Speaking of google, i would say google image search is one of the best ways to find pictures of given flies out there. That or use the fly gallery on Those are more likely to be pictures of the way the flies are supposed to look.

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