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Thread: bead sizes

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    Hello, I'm looking to tie some big pistol petes for musky and pike fishing. My question is, does anyone know what size bead would slide on a size 1/0 or 2/0 hook? They would be saltwater size flies.



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    I think you may have to go to 3/8 or 7/16 coneheads (Cross eyed cones by Spirit River)--- 1/4" seem to be the largest beads available and usually go up to size 1 (not 1/0) hook.


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    do those slide on, or would I have to tie it on? Thanks for the info


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    Coneheads go on like beads.

    The other alternative is using lead or brass barbell eyes (like on a clouser). Those would be tied on, usually on the top of the shank to flip (invert) the fly so it rides hook point up. Or you could use a few wraps of heavy lead wire like .030 or.035. Either way though you'd have to figure out a way to make sure it doesn't interfere with a spinning prop.

    All depends how deep you want it to fish (those big coneheads are pretty heavy and a pain to cast).

    Another alternative, is calling the folks at Jann's NetCraft. They sell lure making stuff including buzz bait props and clevises. If you tell them what you're trying to do, I bet they could suggest some good hardware (and I'd bet they'd get a kick out of it).


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    Barbs are an issue as well. Saltwater hooks usually have big barbs unless your going to crush them down or go barbless they will get in the way. When I want to weigh down saltwater flies I do what peregrines said, lead wire or barbell eyes.
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