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    Default Bead head Nymphs, etc

    I'm probably dating myself back to the stone age but is there any advantage of a bead head fly over the traditional patterns?

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    Hey Red Owl,

    I am not an expert by any means, but as far as I could think, I would say that the bead head would be to make the nymphs and such sink faster and possibly produce a little flash to catch the fish's eye a bit more.
    I am sure that there is more to it than that, but I don't know either I guess. lol

    Hope it helps at least a little bit! haha. I look forward to seeing if there is more to it as well.


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    Default Re: Bead head Nymphs, etc

    I'm not sure there is any other advantage other than the sink rate. But I do fish BH almost exclusively. I am just to impatient for the non BH bugger to sink.

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    Thats pretty much it, sink rate and flash. There have been a few times fishing gill's that I have started with a black nymph with a lead wire on the hook and didnt have mnay takers, but when I switched to the same fly with a copper bead head they tore it up. I have also seen times trout fishing with wooly buggers that, that little bit of flash made a diffrence on catching fish.
    Now on the other edge or the sword, on weekends when the river I fish is swamped with people and 75% of them are throwing BH Buggers, nymphs, and sow bugs, I'll go to flies with out the BH and seem to do better then with them, maybe its all in my head though ? lol

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    Default Re: Bead head Nymphs, etc

    I tie a lot of my Steelhead flies with the beads, I think it helps keep the fly down in the fish eye zone. As far as the attraction end of it, I think the glint from the bead may be a good imitation of the gas bubble you see on a lot of nymphs that are about to hatch.


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    Default Re: Bead head Nymphs, etc

    Well I sort of figured weight and flash but wasn't sure, the idea of an air bubble is good. In any event another option with the old pattern isn't working.

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    Default Re: Bead head Nymphs, etc

    I read somewhere (couldn't find it again though) that part of the the reason for the beadhead, at least for bass, was for when it hit a rock or something it could make a "clink" sound. Which apparently makes it seem more like a bait fish. But again I don't know if that holds true for nymphs.

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    Default Re: Bead head Nymphs, etc

    I like to use BH nymphs also for steelies when fishing deep water to keep them down. Plus I think BH's are nicer to use then having to split shot,and worry about the shot sliding around on your line.

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