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bekiu002 05-08-2009 08:01 PM

Starter Flies
I want to start fly fishing, I will mostly be fishing in the Rum River for smallmouth bass and panfish. What would be some good starter flies? Are those 10-20 flies in a box any good? I'm kinda lost trying to find a place to start so any help would be appreciated.

Dixiejack 05-08-2009 10:25 PM

Re: Starter Flies
I read both of your posts and suggest that you order one of the Orvis deals that pop up--20 flies for $9.95. This gives you a good variety to start with. Look at the fly shop on this site and/or look at Trout I have bought some quality flies for smallies, large mouth bass, panfish, and trout for good prices.

As far as a rod/reel combo, I would suggest a Cortland or TFO 7 1/2' to 9' 5wt. rod with a 5 wt. floating weight forward line. Reels are very subjective. A Pfluger for $25. or an Orvis Battenkill Bar Stock IV for around $100. are my favorite. I am sure you will get a lot of different opinions.

Just buy the best that you can afford.

ezamora 05-08-2009 11:28 PM

Re: Starter Flies
can you find a fly shop in your area? they would have the best up to date information. buy some equipment and flies from them in exchange.

if nobody can add some detailed information to your request, there might be more detailed information at a regional forum dedicated to that area. at least do some googling about the the fish you pursue and include the word flyfishing, you'll run into some recommendations for flies and gear.

have you read this or explored this particular forum?:

Millacs/Kathio State Park - Central-South - Minnesota Fly Fishing

by the way, you should find someone or people in your area who can show you in person and help with casting and tying tackle and how to actually approach and read the water. if this is really your first foray into fly, fly shops can take you out on their property and demonstrate or help with casting.

good luck and i'm looking forward to hearing/reading anybody post some of their experiences from that specific area which might help you.

fresno, ca.

Steelhead Junkie 05-09-2009 07:01 AM

Re: Starter Flies
For the flies check out:
Clouser Minnow-Fly Fishing Flies - Clouser Deep Minnow - Chartreuse & White
Wooly Bugger-Fly Fishing Flies - Woolly Bugger - Olive
Stimulatour-Fly Fishing Flies - Stimulator - Tan
Royal Coachman, Dry-Fly Fishing Flies - Royal Coachman
Royal Coachman,Streamer-Fly Fishing Flies - Royal Coachman Streamer

These are just a few typical flies for smallies.Heres a few for sunnies.These are just cure-all patterns, not specific to your region, but they should get you on the right track.

Adams-Fly Fishing Flies - Adams
Pheasant Tail Nymph-Fly Fishing Flies - Pheasant Tail Nymph
Royal Coachman,Wet-Fly Fishing Flies - Royal Coachman Wet

These should get you some fish, and there readily availible from most fly retailers.

peregrines 05-09-2009 09:47 AM

Re: Starter Flies
Youíve gotten excellent advice. A local shop can set you up with flies and give you great advice on where to go, what to use and can help rig up fly line and backing on your reel. They might also be willing to take you out back and give you a few pointers on your casting.

By the sound of things, it looks like youíre in MN. If youíre close to the Rum you might consider these guys in Findley: The Fly Angler is a full-service fly shop, offering expert help on a wide variety of fly-fishing topics. We offer classes in fly-casting, fly tying, and rod building, as well as guided fishing and helping you arrange travel on hosted trips.

They offer casting classes for a modest cost (25 bucks) and can get you off to a great start.

Youíve got good recommendations for flies, the shop can help pick some out for you, but these are pretty standard for smallies:
Clousers chartreuse over white, brown over orange
Woolly Buggers- black and olive
Sculpin and/or crayfish patterns
Popper or gurgler for surface action

Small panfish poppers size 10 or 12
Any dry flies like Humpies ,Wulffs etc size 12 or 14
Foam ants/beetles or rubber legged spiders size 12
Bead head Nymphs- Gold Ribbed Hares Ear 14 and/or Pheasant Tail Nymph 16

Some of these flies, especially the ones for small mouth can be expensive to buy in shops. You may want to take up fly tying at some point, since most of these are easy to tie and use fairly inexpensive materials. (That said itís tough to actually save money fly tying, and few actually do, because the temptation is to buy tons of stuff and tie up all kinds of things.)

You might also want to check into some local fly fishing groups in your area. Itís a great way to get up to speed, and youíll meet some new fishing buddies. You can do searches here for local Trout Unlimited chapters or clubs near you affiliated with the Federation of Fly Fishers:
Council/Chapter Search | Trout Unlimited - Conserving coldwater fisheries
Locate a Club

Good luck!


Tracker12 05-09-2009 09:16 PM

Re: Starter Flies
I recently picked up fly fishing and have been having a blast. For pan fish you can not beat a small popper. My favorite set has been a small Betts popper off of that I tie a dropper and tie something that sinks slowly. Tonight a was using a nymph style fly that had four rubber leggs off of it. It worked great and I caught a lot of bluegills and probably a dozen small bass. Most came off the dropper but several came off the popper.

ezamora 05-10-2009 12:12 AM

Re: Starter Flies
in my limited experience, wiggly legs on small poppers, ants or even nymphs work great for panfish.

good to see some general suggestions. start with these or a few select form a fly shop's advice and don't get too encumbered with buying a huge selection for now.

fresno, ca.

aroostookbasser 05-12-2009 07:25 AM

Re: Starter Flies
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! That's why I love this place!!!!

add a few gurglers and a deer hair mouse to those and you would be looking really good.

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