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  1. Default Which fly to use?

    Hey everybody! Well I am fortunate enough to have the oppurtunity to be heading out to montana this summer to do some fly fishing to try to lay into some big trout!! I'll be going around the end of july or august so what are the flies that for sure need to have in my arsenal when i get there?

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    Here is a hatch chart from the Madison River Outfitters web site that should give you an idea depending on the rivers you will be fishing.
    Fly Fishing Yellowstone Madison River Outfitters – Hatch Chart for Montana and Yellowstone


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    I have the Fly Fish TV video right now from Netflix. It's a good primer for the Madison, hosted by Kelly Galloup.

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    kory10 ,

    Specifically...where are you going in Montana? The exact location will help narrow down the patterns needed for July and August. Elevation, to a great degree, is one determining factoid. Lakes or moving water ? There are hatches of one particular, IMPORTANT, Mayfly on the Madison and Gallatin that do not occur anywhere else - during that period...

    Where to be at 5:30 AM, when everyone else is sleeping...

    More info please...

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    If possible, stop at the Slide Inn and see kelly galloup. If you can't, still pick up his streamer collection, namely.

    Zoo Cougar, Heifer Groomer, Sex Dungeon, Circus Peanut, Peanut Envy, Swimmy Jimmy.

    I love his streamers for all around use, yet alone for trophy hunting which he does almost exclusively with them.

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