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Agree with fyshstykr.

Another way to conceptually separate flies for someone new to fly fishing is: flying and non-flying. Adults, duns and spinners make the first category and everything else winds up in the second category.
That holds true for trout fishing, but he did mention fishing for smallies. Thinking outside the box, there are many younger fly rodders learning to fish with a fly rod on bass and panfish and some of them will never see a trout or an Adams spinner or a pheasnt tail nymph. "Dry" fly is subjective to newer anglers. It could mean a dear hair popper or foam gugrgler or some plastic slider... If they happen to get nymphs from a shop (like he did) they might not fish them dead drift like many do for trout. Smallies will hit stoneflies that are being pulled through the water as fast as you can strip line. The "rules" are very different. In fact, there are no rules... If you can catch fish with your presentation, it can't be wrong...
now traditionally, I am flat wrong and you guys are all right. But I hate giving new fly anglers traditional advise cause it can be daunting and turn them off.