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    Default hopper and streamer size's

    ive never fished any hoppers, and was wondering what a good size to go with would be, i fish for panfish around my house and bass in other place along with some trout. for medium sized sunfish what size should i use? also what size for bass?

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    Default Re: hopper and streamer size's


    I would say it depends on the size of the hoppers where you live. Here in WY we use anything from an #8 to a #14.
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    Default Re: hopper and streamer size's


    What Dave said on the hoppers. Even if the hoppers are really big the fish are used to seeing and hearing the "Splat" when the real bug hits the water. Streamers can be a different game because presumably you are not using these during a hopper blitz.

    Streamers: low clear water, small to medium fish I use a small baitfish imitation size 4 - 10. For large lake or pond, full flows in rivers where the fish are bigger and your fly isn't going to alarm anyone by its size I never go under a #2 or 4 in a long shank streamer hook. If I am tying on salmon style hooks (and I've caught lots of species other than salmon on these) I tie size 1 or 1.5 for a large streamer. For really big fish the flies get bigger. I have caught bass and pike on flies with trailing hackles up to 6" long.


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    Default Re: hopper and streamer size's

    The only thing I would add regarding panfish (bluegills, etc) is to make sure your fly is too big for them to "swallow" or you'll end up killing every panfish you hook whether you want to or not. And frankly, I fish barbless for both bass and panfish, since I will be releasing the majority of them anyway. You don't even have to take the fish out of the water to shake it off.
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    Default Re: hopper and streamer size's

    In the Sierras a size 12 was a good match for the hoppers on the ground last year.
    I'm tying smaller buggers this year, size 10 & 12. Haven't fished them yet so we'll see.

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    Default Re: hopper and streamer size's

    I caught plenty of fish on my size 10 foam hoppers last year just using it as a July/August attractor even where I didn't see any hoppers on the streamside. So I tried the old, bigger flies for bigger fish theory next time I went. Tied on a size 8, extended the foam body out a little and caught nothing. I fish mainly eastern US, and that may make a difference. I hear that the West by comparison has a whopper of a Hopper season.

    Now, I have seen some grasshoppers on streamsides that would have to be 2/0 3x long if you were to tie them. I'm wondering if anyone ever ties and fishes those gargantuan hoppers. I'm talkin about the grasshoppers that you can hear landing across the stream. The ones that weigh more than your 5wt rod.

    I tie my buggers, and other crazy streamers in all sizes from 12 buggers to size 1 big bugs. I have a specific pattern that matches a worm occurance in one of my PA streams that I use as a match match, but most of my streamer fishing is done without regard to actual food source. I can't remember who said it, but a wooly bugger does not look like anything in a trouts diet, but it looks BIG and ALIVE!

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