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Snuffy 04-16-2006 09:31 PM

Distance casting techniques.
We had this discussion previously in regards to time spent practicing the different casts and techniques. Being able to shoot line during the execution of the forward and backward false cast stroke lends its self well to the success of distance casting. The correct execution of the single and double haul combined with the above shooting technique are a deffinite plus when going for that long cast. I guess that I've tried every conceivable method of hauling. Have watched Mel Kreiger, Lefty Kreh, and evey other CD/tape I could get my hands on. Have watched flicks on the big guns such as Steve and Tim Rajeff, Borger and others. The direction and the distance the line hand moves, is in my estimate, along with timing, the crux of distance casting. Ya don't get good at these techniques unless ya PRACTICE, pilgrim. Lefty pointed out in one of his tapes that the haul stroke need not be a long britches rippin stroke, but rather a short fast one and it will achieve the same results. The direction in which the line hand moves should be exactly opposite the long axis of the rod spine. If ya get lazy on the haul it will cause many problems, namely allowing slack in the line. Mel Kreigers word DOWNUP rather than DOWN------------UP speaks for itself. Getting familiar with the action of the line hand using the short haul and better angle of the pull, sure pays off.. All of this is for naught if your timing is off. Thats why all of this stuff is so much fun. I still contend, ya gotta PRACTICE, PILGRIM.


BigCliff 04-17-2006 08:50 AM

Re: Distance casting techniques.
Mel Kreiger is definitely one of the best at coming up with memorable terms that help you remember how to cast properly. I use his "whuuUMP" description of the speed-up-and-stop any time I'm teaching somebody to cast.

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