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Ard 03-12-2011 12:56 PM

Turning a Leader When Casting Into the Wind;
I made this post to a thread where the original poster was asking whether his leader was at fault on a long cast into the wind. The poster said that he was making 80' casts but that the leader was just piling up at the end. I don't have a You Tube video of me doing what I tried to describe and I made my description as short and to the point as possible so that the reader might 'get' what I was writing. Posts have a way of being buried into the thousands of therads here and I thought that this would be something of value to the many people who view The Fly Cast threads so I am putting it here. Although there are no pictures I hope what I say will help you to achieve better results when you are faced with a windy day and as we know, the wind isn't always at your back.

This is the copy;

A Cast In The Wind

Not meaning to direct aspersions on anyone’s claim of casting into the wind or distances that can be obtained when doing so but I do have an observation to make on the leader quandary. Pushing a fly line into wind much above 5 mph is more like work than I have ever enjoyed and topping that off with trying to straighten a leader out like a pool cue at the end of over 70' of fly line when casting into a stiff wind is hard to master.

However; this can be done and on occasion I have to do so in order to stay in the game here. What you need first is a very tight loop in the cast in order to attain your range. Once range has been acquired the final forward cast must be opened just a bit and as the loop reaches its terminus the rod must be stopped sharply and drawn backward with an upward motion just a tad. What the move I describe does is to flatten the end of the presentation loop essentially tightening it and adding speed to the terminal end of the tackle. This quickening at the right moment will give that leader & fly the final retro burner needed to straighten them out provided the wind is not too harsh. I find that when doing as I describe the 'stop and lift' motion is something I add a little body English into because I am actually directing the final action of the line tip, leader, and fly. When the wind becomes too heavy other methods of reaching fish should be used. With the chop created by wind I have found that you can get much closer to a fish than possible on a calm day and so eliminate the need for distance exercises.

Now that almost sounds like I know what I was talking about doesn't it? I just read that and even I think that makes sense

Rip Tide 03-12-2011 01:20 PM

Re: Turning a Leader When Casting Into the Wind;
I was at a casting clinic with Bob Clouser a few years ago and I asked him; "What's the best thing to do when casting into the wind ?"
His one word answer... "MOVE"

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