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fishfinder 07-15-2007 12:47 AM

I Think I got it.
I took a casting class two weeks ago. Not much help except to wave the rod between 11 and 2. Last Monday my rod and reel arrived and since then I have spent 30 minutes a day waving the thing around trying to make a cast. Yesterday, after calling my brother-in-law in Michigan, I think I got it. Now when I cast the line floats out to the end and settles in the grass (most of the time). Now all I need is years of practice to make it go where I want. Of course I am 69+ so I probably don't have years to perfect it. But now I can load up the jeep and head to the water.

There is no joy like the joy of making a respectable cast with the fly outfit.


Frank Whiton 07-15-2007 08:03 AM

Re: I Think I got it.
Way to go Mike,

Learning at our age adds another thing to over come. If you are like me, my coordination is not like it was when I was younger. That 30 minutes a day will pay big dividends on the water. If I was you I would definitely invest in a casting video. It will help you sort out your casting problems as you go and it is always there if you develop a bad habit later. A video will show you how to make other cast that may be useful in your fishing.

As you have discovered casting is a big part of the enjoyment of fly fishing. It is always a thrill to make just the right cast and get a hook-up. Where are you located. Loading up the jeep sounds like you are out west.

fishfinder 07-15-2007 11:55 AM

Re: I Think I got it.
Hi Frank,

Thanks for the reply. I have one DVD from Cabelas on Fly Fishing. It covers everything to get started. I am located in Western Washington near Bremerton. (Big Navy Town) We don't have any trout streams per say but we have quite a few lakes where trout are placed in the spring. In addition this is a big salmon and steelhead area. Once I get the little 5wt rod figured out I will probably invest in steelhead gear. I have fished succussfully for steelhead using baitcasting equipment. I used to have a nice boat for fishing in Puget Sound for salmon but sold it a few years ago. Now my fishing is pretty much confined to local lakes.


Frank Whiton 07-15-2007 04:50 PM

Re: I Think I got it.
Hi Mike,

I know where Bremerton is located. I moved to Battle Ground, Wa when I left Alaska. You should be able to find some coastal rivers to fish close by. Too bad you have to fish for those old Steelhead.:)

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