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wfosborn 08-11-2007 02:27 AM

"Bounce" in my fly rod
I'm fishing a Lamiglas #8 rod and having an odd problem with it feeling like it's bouncing. This happens when I lift the line from the water, on my stop on the backcast, and when I stop on the forward cast if I don't shoot a lot of line. If I go really slow on my backcast I can keep it from happening, but I have trouble keeping my line off the ground then and can't keep very much line airborne.

I've learned to deal with the bounce by using a long drift after my backcast, but I have some pretty ugly S curves in my fly line until it starts to straigten out. Anyone have any tips on dealing with this?

Frank Whiton 08-11-2007 10:49 AM

Re: "Bounce" in my fly rod
Hi wfosborn,

If I remember right you are the worlds worse fly fisherman.:smile: Make sure when you do your pickup the rod tip is close to the water and that the fly is moving before you start the pickup. The S curves can be caused by over powering the cast. It sounds like you are having a timing problem. Do you self a favor and get a DVD on fly casting.

wfosborn 08-11-2007 08:39 PM

Re: "Bounce" in my fly rod
Yup, that's me Frank. I'm finally catching a few fish this year, but I think only because it's one of the biggest runs of pinks on record up here and you just can't help but catch them.

Went out again today and borrowed a friends fly pole that has a fairly slow action on it. Pretty similiar to my old rod. After using his rod for a while I picked mine back up and was able to cast much better with a lot less bounce to it but still not totally gone. Seems like using a small flick with my wrist at the end of my backcast and less pulling with my arm helps, does this make sense or am I leading myself into worse shape doing this? Is there a different style of casting you need to use with faster action rods?

I did go borrow some VHS tapes on fly casting from the fly shop here, now I just need to get a working VCR to watch them on . . .

Frank Whiton 08-12-2007 11:16 AM

Re: "Bounce" in my fly rod
Hi wfosborn,

Where are you fishing in Alaska? Glad to hear you are catching some fish. That is what it is all about even if our cast are a little wanting.

If you get a chance to cast a fast action rod it would be interesting to see how you cast a fast action rod. The casting stroke is usually better for most if the wrist is not too lose or active. Some people cast quite well with a lot of wrist movement but it generally is not the best method. The casting stroke as taught by Lefty Kreh is accelerated near the end of the stroke and then abruptly stopped. It is some what like a flick but is not done with a wrist flick. I have to tell you that helping you solve a casting problem with out seeing you cast is really tough.

wfosborn 08-12-2007 03:31 PM

Re: "Bounce" in my fly rod
Hi Frank,

I'm in Cordova in Prince William Sound. Tons of humpies and dogs here right now, and the Silvers are starting to show up too. Ton's of fun catching them, but even if I don't get anything it's still good just to get out there.

I know it's pretty hard to troubleshoot a cast without seeing it, I'm hoping I can get out with some of the excellent fly-fishermen around here and get some tips from them. I'll try to borrow a fast action rod from one of them and see how that feels to me.

I found a guide written by Lefty Kreh, I'll read through it again. I appreciate the help and advice.


cliftz 11-03-2007 06:45 PM

Re: "Bounce" in my fly rod
I was getting a 'bounce' or continued oscillation in a fly rod once using a 4
wt forward floater. I changed to a lighter line and a double taper and
the problem went away. When I forward cast the previous line I get numerous
curves in the line as it lay down. I was thinking, "Why can't I do this on
a river?" :)
Something that might cause the s'curve on the forward cast is stopping the
rod abruptly and letting the line fall down rather than setting the line on the
There are numerous fly casting vids on YouTube.
So, how's it coming so far?

Jackster 11-03-2007 09:28 PM

Re: "Bounce" in my fly rod
You could try using the least amount of power needed to get the cast done. It almost sounds like you're overpowering the rod yet coming up with neat ways to mask it, like that backward drift.
I was in an casting instructors class at an FFF conclave this summer and the subject of the bounce, or wave in the line came up. The general consensus by the instructors was to not worry about it unless it's extreme because that wave will be pulled out by the line.
Better than video most times, hunt down a certified casting instructor in your area. An hour or two spent with a good instructor gets you real-time evaluation and corrective measures for your cast.

ps... I just did a search for certified casting instructors in Alaska. It looks like there are none! Study, practice and be the first!

wfosborn 11-04-2007 03:37 AM

Re: "Bounce" in my fly rod
Well, where I'm at is pretty small and it's hard to get out so I don't think I'll see an instructor anytime soon. But as life would have it, there is an ex-instructor here who has been giving me some help. Been a while since I've been back to this post so I'll see if I can remember what I've done since then. . .

As Frank said, making sure the line is moving before I pickup has helped. I make sure I'm bringing in line before I pickup now, that has helped. Also, a firmer wrist (with a snap of the wrist ) on the pickup/backcast, combined with some drift and (as I see it as) an exaggeratedly slow laydown seem to take care of the problem.


I'll have to look around on YouTube for some fly casting videos. Still haven't done that yet . . .


randyflycaster 11-06-2007 09:37 AM

Re: "Bounce" in my fly rod
As it was said, it's hard to diagnose from reading a post. I usually get a bounce when my cast is unrolling too fast - especially when I'm casting a
heavy fly - or when my false cast unrolls before I start my next cast.

Some will disagree, but when I have a considerable amount of line out, I always begin my next cast before my false cast unrolls. (Many tournament casters do this.) The faster the line is unrolling and the heavier my fly the sooner I begin my next cast.

Also, because I can't generate the same line speed on my back cast that I can on my forward cast, I begin my false back cast when the loop on my forward false cast is still at least three feet long.

Randy Kadish
The Fly And Spin Casting Site

randyflycaster 11-06-2007 11:37 AM

Re: "Bounce" in my fly rod
BTW, when I'm making long casts I find one of the most difficult things is to
false cast at the proper speed. If I cast too slowly the cast collapses. If I cast too fast I get a bounce.
Randy Kadish

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