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wjc 06-18-2012 09:42 AM

Distance Casting
Here is an excellent article written by Jeff Wagner titled "Distance Casting - Not just for show".

For people who never fish anywhere but small streams totally protected from the wind using small flies, then distance casting may not help them as much as someone like me who fishes everyplace there is water that likely holds fish of one kind or another.

This is not so much a "How To" article but a "Why To" article. I just had a friend leave who, unfortunately, blew out his casting arm and not his shorts trying to cast into a breeze.

This is the third time this has happened to different friends down here in three years, one recovering just enough with ice packs, heat and ibuphophen that he decided not to cancel his departing flight to Montana for trout. He spent two or three long days in the house, though, in pain, looking at the water and wishing he were fishing.

Those of you who think of distance casting as unrelated to actual fishing might want to read it.

pegboy1 06-18-2012 06:17 PM

Re: Distance Casting
Amen!! Great read.....

mcnerney 06-18-2012 07:21 PM

Re: Distance Casting
Jim: Thanks that was very interesting to read!

utah daveii 06-26-2012 07:00 PM

Re: Distance Casting
I think Jeff is spot on with this article. I think it is no suprise that his wife Kat is really good in the womens division in both distance and accuracy. Jeff is a really nice guy and damn fine caster as well.

I still think the biggest translator for distance casting to fishing is it to do it require the sane skills as casting into the wind.

Of course it is interesting to note that the best distance casters are usually up near the top of the accuracy contests as well. Concidence? We think not.

silver creek 06-27-2012 10:18 AM

Re: Distance Casting
I happened to watch The Fly Fishing Masters in 2003 sponsored by Ford. They had competitions in 4 different regions of the USA and then the winners in those regions competed against each other. The competitions was open to all comers and the winners for the most part were professional guides. The Rajeffs won the Western Region.

The 4 teams were flown by private jet to an unknown destination. Once there they were allowed one day to "scout" the river they were to fish. They were given fly tying materials and they had to tie the flies the wanted to use for the next day.

The teams fished over two days head to head, with the two winning teams of the first day competing against each other the second day for spot 1 and 2; and the two losing teams competing to determine spot 3 and 4. The Rajeffs cleaned up winning $25,000.00 each.

It's been a few years now and I can't recall whether I was talking to Jason or Gary Borger. I happened to mention that the Rajeffs won and he (Jason or Gary) said that the Rajeffs casting skill is so good that they can place the fly exactly where they want.

Skill as in the article is not only distance but accuracy. By accuracy, I do not mean only fly placement. It is also leader and line placement to reduce drag but also to prevent lining the fish and spooking them

In one part of the competition, the Rajeffs were fishing a pond from a boat. One brother fished and the other brother rowed. The fish were spooked whenever the boat came near so they had to set up far away and place the fly, leader and line where they wanted. They destroyed the other team they were fishing against because of their casting skills.

Jackster 06-27-2012 01:03 PM

Re: Distance Casting

Originally Posted by silver creek (Post 467669)
I happened to watch The Fly Fishing Masters in 2003 sponsored by Ford.

I was in that competition in the southeast region. My partner is a virtual fish magnet. That guy can catch tarpon out of a rain gutter. He is also a virtuoso fly caster. We were really doing well to qualify for the fishing through the casting qualifiers until the camera's started rolling. The grace, control and accuracy of his casting went right out the window when he was in the hot seat. I never saw anyone choke like that. It was amazing yet really sad.
I come to find out later from his school buds that he always choked at crunch time in any sport they played with him.
Anyhow, I really liked the format the Fly Fishing Masters used, to qualify to fish you had to first pass the muster in a casting competition. I think that is true of the Euro contests that caught on lately here too.
To cast well enough to win a competition takes pure skill, to get the right beat to fish in a competition takes luck. The Rajeff's sold their souls to the devil a long time ago to always do so well in both casting and fishing. The rest of us mere mortals have to roll the dice for the most part when it comes to having fish take the fly.

silver creek 06-28-2012 01:33 PM

Re: Distance Casting

I was amazed at two of the casting sections. The first is the three hoops that you had to get the fly line loop through, and you were graded on how many of the hoops you got your line through. Talk about tight loops!

And I think they also had you cast around a wall into a hoop target on the water. So from the casting position, it was a blind cast. It amazed me when Steve Rajeff got his "fly" into the ring behind the wall. He walked to the side to see where the ring was then walked back to the casting line and hooked that fly in there.

It takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there for all the world to see. Congrats.

Jackster 06-28-2012 06:23 PM

Re: Distance Casting
We had a different course in Georgia (Thank Goodness!)
Our curve casts were in the water to hoops behind a floating bush. The closest to the tight loop hoop deal you saw was that we had to hit the rings under a dock with 2-3' of space from the dock to the water. Most people flubbed that cast. The salty guys got their range and direction by false casting over the dock and tucking it under on the presentation cast. Others tried getting the direction then shooting line for the range.
I saw the hoops and told my partner that this is what we do every day fishing, shooting casts under the rhodo's. We both did suprisingly well at that one. Tight loops and a little shoot won the day.

I wish the Masters was back, we little people had fun at that!

Guest1 11-11-2012 05:33 PM

Re: Distance Casting
How the heck did I miss this post? Thanks. :confused:

sumojo 12-26-2012 01:29 PM

Re: Distance Casting
Great read thanks for posting .:)

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