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johnny5wa 02-23-2008 11:05 PM

casting problems?? new fly line
hey everyone. I am new to fly fishing. been doing it now for about 8 months. Here is my problem. I just bought some new flyline.... Cortland 555 Weight forward 6 weight floating with dynatip. I am using a ST Croix reign 6 wt rod. I am having problems on my cast, just before my line straightens out it drops really fast toward the water.. I am having to spend more energy trying to keep it in the air than increasing line speed. What is happening, I had some cheap cortland 333 on the pole before and had alot less troubles. I would figure the more expensive line would be easier.. guess not. Anyway, whats happening.... please help me out. Im thinking its the dynatip, but not sure. Thanks, John

mojo 02-23-2008 11:10 PM

Re: casting problems?? new fly line
Betcha got a tailing loop too, right?

johnny5wa 02-23-2008 11:11 PM

Re: casting problems?? new fly line
Tailing loop?

johnny5wa 02-23-2008 11:12 PM

Re: casting problems?? new fly line
If that means the fly is lagging way behind in the cast then ya

Joni 02-23-2008 11:12 PM

Re: casting problems?? new fly line
All I can think of is be sure and stop sooner (higher) like the 10:00 spot and let the line straighten out, then lay it on the water.
Try standing slightly sideways and watch your cast. Keep a straight line with the rod like painting as ceiling and be sure you are not windshield wiper it.
Try slowing down and letting your back cast straighten out first, you might be rushing it.

johnny5wa 02-23-2008 11:18 PM

Re: casting problems?? new fly line
i am stopping it at the 10 position, but as soon as it clears top dead center, the line starts to drop. I can't wait for it to straighten out cause the fly line hits the water way before the tippet and fly are anywhere near flattening out. I even tried shortening my tippet and different size flies... still the same problem. I would hate to spend 70 bucks on some line just to use it once, but sounds like i might need to.

mojo 02-23-2008 11:19 PM

Re: casting problems?? new fly line
The Itinerant Angler - Fly Fishing Without Reservations
Also, is your line straightening COMPLETLY out on your backcast. You can start your forward cast just a little bit before it straightens. Don't apply your power until you hit the 12 o clock area. You could be overpowering your cast. When you release your line point your tip a little above the target.

johnny5wa 02-23-2008 11:24 PM

Re: casting problems?? new fly line
Thats exactly whats happening, thanks alot. Told ya i was new :) . looks like more practice for me... i didn't know that different line would make that big of a difference on my casting techniques. i appreciate all your help.

Flityer 02-23-2008 11:47 PM

Re: casting problems?? new fly line
Hello johnny5wa,

Sounds like you are not giving your rod long enough to load up on your back cast in other words you a making your forward motion to soon. Take your rod out doors and strip off about 15 to 20' of line infront of you and try side casting while doing this watch your line unfurrel behind you as the loop comes to its end you should feel the rod start to load it is time to start your forward cast this is what produces line speed it is a timing thing that takes some practice till you get familiar with your new line I belive you are rushing your cast be shure when picking your line off the grass to be some what agressive in your back cast so you feel the rod load Cortland lines are very good I use a dynatip on my 4wt and it works great good luck and as always practice use a short line and watch your line and how it reacts to your back cast and forward cast and adjust your speed till you get a smooth loop on your back cast and forward cast from here you should be able to move to your over head cast with out a problem.

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