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james w 3 3 04-26-2014 04:20 PM

Getting Help
I just returned from my fly club's two session casting class. This part dealing with advanced casting techniques.

I'm a pretty good natural caster, but have struggled with a double haul, in spite of quite a bit of practice and video views.

The reality for me is, there's no substitute for an experts eyes watching, and correcting the little flaws that I never suspected.

Suddenly, with just a morning of interaction with an instructor, everything just clicked! 60 feet, 75 feet, 90 feet, WEEEEE!!! My regular casting also improved as he pointed out tiny little things I could correct.

If, like me, you want to become a better caster, seek out hands on instruction. The ability to talk back and forth while trying to master something is invaluable.

That's it. I'm just so stoked and wanted to share how this happened!

Mnflyfish 04-26-2014 05:00 PM

Re: Getting Help
Always wanted to attend a casting class, but none available around here. Although the National Trout Center near here has rumoured to possibly get some going.
Congrats on the education!

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matthew l 05-01-2014 03:13 PM

Re: Getting Help
Good cast to learn glad you got it down!!
For me also I could not get over the "Rubbing your stomach while patting your head" feel of the double haul but I think the key is practice. Once it clicks and your use to it nothing like shooting line until you feel your backing knot go through the tip :D

wjc 07-04-2014 09:45 AM

Re: Getting Help

Suddenly, with just a morning of interaction with an instructor, everything just clicked!
That can happen , sometimes very quickly, sometimes never. I think the sooner a newcomer gets some instruction, the better chance he has of this happening. That is providing he doesn't have expectations of being able to cast a fly after 30 minutes as far as the guys he's seen casting off the jetty with shooting heads.

Of the last three guys I've given instruction to, two of them increased their distances at least 3 fold inside of an hour. Both were fanatic fishermen determined to learn to fly fish.

One had no previous experience at all fly fishing, and showed up with his own rod. It was a very good, used, no-name rod he had just bought that was underlined three or 4 line weights.

The other guy I'd fished with a few times and was very good with spinning and plug casting conventional gear. He was going salmon fishing with business associates and had only fly fished with light gear in small brooks. He said he could not cast nearly well enough to river fish for Atlantics. He was right at the beginning, but wrong an hour later - assuming he practiced ocassionally during the ensuing months before the trip.

The third guy is a neighbor , and I think he expected to be able to cast the whole line after a half-hour. He just couldn't get it quickly, and has not tried since, to my knowledge.

Everyone's different, but what seems like a miracle can happen quickly for many. And the cost,in time, to find out if you're one of them is only an hour or two; in money, at most, the cost of a meal for two at a good restaurant.

silver creek 07-04-2014 12:45 PM

Re: Getting Help
The two most common errors in a beginner's double haul is not reposition the hauling hand after the haul, and the timing of the haul, which we will talk about later.

So the two major things that a beginner has to learn is: (1) the haul and return of line and (2) the timing of the haul during the casting stroke.

One good way to learn the haul portion is the "Down - Up" method that Mel Krieger uses plus pantomime. You practice without a fly rod so you can do it while watching TV.

It is not the "Down" haul that is difficult for beginners. It is the "Up" return of line so they can get ready for the second "Down - Up" haul, and so on. When beginners try to teach themselves, they get the DOWN part but not the UP part. So as Mel says, the haul is a new word = “DownUp”

Initially, when you pantomime, you can time the haul to occur at the exact time that you move the rod at the START of the cast. So for the first backcast, as you take the rod back, you "DownUp" haul. When you then start the forward cast, you "DownUp" haul again. It makes doing the haul much easier if you time it with the start of the casting stroke.

However, that is often NOT the most effective time to haul. Have you ever noticed that very few of the experts’ articles tell you exactly WHEN you should haul? Why is that?

The reason is that the timing of the haul depends on how you cast and the equipment you are using. For example, if you make a backcast so that there is some slack in your fly line as you begin you forward cast, an earlier haul that removes that slack and straightens the fly line for the forward cast might improve the forward cast more than a later haul. Why? Because with an earlier haul and a straight fly line, you don't waste stroke length removing that slack.

But if you begin your forward cast with a perfectly straight line and no waves or slack, a late haul is best because it maximizes fly line velocity right before the rod stop.

Read Al Kyte's FFF article on the double haul and how the fly line and fly rod used influences when the haul is performed and how fast a haul is made.

As you become a better caster, you will find you do not need to remove slack and with the WF floating fly line that most of us use, a later haul is more optimum.

So use the pantomime to get the initial timing down, even if the timing is not perfect, a double haul is better than no haul.

In the video, Mel pantomimes long hauls. When you actually cast, I suggest practicing with short hauls at first to get the timing down. Don't move the hauling hand over longer distances which then take longer to reposition for the next haul. Longer hauls can mess up your timing. You can gradually increase the hauls when you are doing the shorter hauls correctly.

Another thread mentioned that the caster rarely double hauled and used a single haul more often. I actually double haul often even if I don't have to because it reinforces the timing and I think when I need it, I will make a better cast.

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