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  1. Default Falcon’s Ledge - Variety and Excitement

    Falcon’s Ledge - Variety and Excitement

    Take pleasure in a guided fly-fishing adventure in secluded eastern Utah. Falcon's Ledge is located at the doorstep of the Ashley National Forest, only two hours drive time from Salt Lake City International Airport.

    At Falcon’s Ledge, a single fly fishing trip can be filled with many different angling experiences. One day you might sight cast to big wary browns and rainbows on a clear cold tailwater or toss attractors to wild cutthroats and brookies in forested freestone streams above 8,000 feet. The next day you might hit undercut banks with hoppers or cast to huge cruisers in our private stillwaters. With many stream and river fishing options within a short driving distance and eight trophy stillwaters just out the front door, you will never run out of things to try, or you might simply find a favorite spot, like the Strawberry River. The Strawberry River is a technical, but rewarding tailwater fishery. The upper section tumbles down a wild and amazingly scenic canyon with large cliffs and stunning rock formations. Deep pools, beaver ponds, and undercut banks on this section hold many browns from 13 to 18 inches. Amazing stonefly and green drake hatches occur in June and early July.

    [img2="right"][/img2]Terrestrials such as hoppers, beetles and cicadas can bring fish to the surface from July on, but bead head nymphs fished as droppers are the most consistent producers in the late summer. Farther downstream, the lower stretch of the river fishes much like a large spring creek with long smooth runs interspersed with riffles and deep pools. Large browns and stout rainbows can be unusually wary and spread out here so long casts, long leaders, considerable stealth, and a guide with a good knowledge of water and fish are a necessity. Great PMD and yellow sally hatches begin in July and go through August. Hoppers also produce in the late summer and early autumn afternoons. Browns can reach 27 inches and rainbows get up to four or five pounds with powerful 16- to 18-inchers being normal. These fish provide a challenge to any angler and a test for their equipment when hooked.

    [img2="left"][/img2]The professional guide staff at Falcons Lodge is truly exceptional. Each member of the guide staff is an accomplished angler and instructor eager to share their knowledge and experience with you. Their guides are passionate about fly fishing, the outdoors, and ensuring your day on the water is one that you will remember forever. Whether you are a beginning fly fisher, an expert, or somewhere in between, you are sure to have an enjoyable angling experience.

    The great fly fishing is only part of your adventure. You will stay in one of eight private guest rooms in the lodge. Each room has a private bath and reflects the comfortable elegance of Falcon’s Ledge. Three memorable meals are included with each day of fly fishing; our culinary staff prepares legendary country gourmet fare from the freshest and highest quality ingredients available. Share your room, country gourmet dining, and unforgettable memories of Falcon’s Ledge with a non-fishing spouse at no additional cost.

    Call today and fill your life with unforgettable memories.

    Falcon's Ledge
    Altamont, Utah

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    We can't discuss Falcon's Ledge without mentioning Joni. This North American Fly Fishing Forum moderator (Joni) is one of the premier guides at Falcon's Ledge.

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