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Thread: Fly Fish Iraq

  1. Default Fly Fish Iraq

    Fly Fish Iraq
    By Steve Robbins

    Come join the fun and fly fish the Tigris and Euphrates in Southern Iraq. The Lone Star Airborne Anglers travel this week to the Tigris and Euphrates to jig for walleyes as the ancient Egyptians did 3,000 years ago. This is guaranteed to be a fun filled action packed trip loaded with surprises around every corner.

    For your safety, this is catch and release only. An Iraqi veterinarian said on Saturday thousands of fish that have died at fish farms near Baghdad were poisoned by munitions used by British and U.S. forces.

    "Mortality rate among fish has reached 100 percent in some of the fish farms," said Dhahirk Abdullah Abdullah Dhahirk, a veterinary surgeon at state-run Swairah fish farm 30 miles south of the capital. He continued to say, “the deaths were clearly caused by depleted uranium and poisonous materials dropped by American and British imperialist pigs." Regardless, this will not dampen our spirits or limit our fishing fun.

    This is an all-inclusive trip that includes transportation to and from Iraq via Greek Oil Freighters, Inc. All meals are provided. You will receive one to three M.R.E.s (Meals Rejected by Ethiopians) per day. The last night of your stay will be treated with a leftover meal from the humanitarian aid efforts. American and British troops handed out food to hundreds of Iraqis. Not surprisingly, the Iraqis handed the British food back.

    [img2="left"][/img2]Your experienced guide, Sheik Fishbusta Habibi, will provide rental Bio-Haz suits and atropine injections for a nominal fee.

    The trip will include two nights of free entertainment that consists of Saddam Hussein’s rendition of “Why Can’t We Be Friends” and the Dixie Chicks sings “Sweet Mother Texas”.

    Your trip begins somewhere along the Houston shipping channel where you will board a Greek oil freighter at midnight and enjoy a scenic one week trip to the Persian Gulf and on to the Iraqi port of Umm Qasr. From there, your guide will escort you by camel team to Basra where you’ll spend one exciting night before you began your fly fishing extravaganza. Earplugs will be provided to ensure a good nights sleep.

    Early the next morning, Fishbusta will load you and your gear on to his camel caravan. You will then leave Basra in search of your fly fishing destination. You may be encouraged to wave something white during your exit from Basra.

    After a two-day ride through the burning sand of the Iraqi desert you may, with any luck, reach the EuphratesRiver. Fishbusta and his six wives will then set up camp and warm the M.R.E. of your choice for your dinning pleasure. Before you know it you’ll be knee deep in the river fly fishing for big walleye.

    Most of your fishing will only require light wading. Occasionally, you will fish from Fishbustas riverboat. Steel cleats on wading boots are not allowed. Fishbustas craft is a glass bottom boat. Spiked boots could possibly cause damage to the glass. When asked why his boat has a glass bottom, Fishbusta replied, “All Iraqi boats are glass bottom so they can see their air force.”

    Early registration is not required. At this point, we have no takers so space is not limited.

    NAFFF Moderators may be eligible for discounts. Any takers?
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  2. Default Re: Fly Fish Iraq

    Hey Mike... you and Greg want to go???

  3. Default Re: Fly Fish Iraq

    I am not so sure greg will want to go back any time soon.

  4. Default Re: Fly Fish Iraq

    OK... then just you and me dude!!!

  5. Default Re: Fly Fish Iraq

    hey if you guys want, I might be able to get you a ride up from Basra in a Blackhawk and drop you on the bank anywhere you want to stop. Which in my opinion ought to be back in Houston! I can arrange passage back there sometime near the end of the year if Corpus Christi is close enough. I guess the fishing must improve with ruptured oil lines and slicks on the Tigris because I see alot more boats moving around. S2 says they are problably weapon smugglers but I don't buy it!
    See Ya soone

  6. Default Re: Fly Fish Iraq

    I wanna go. Can I play with the guns?

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  8. Default Re: Fly Fish Iraq

    Control yourself Fanatic!!! Sure Fly Girl... you can go. I'm sure AndyG will let you fire some guns.

  9. Default Re: Fly Fish Iraq

    oh sure you all can shoot. Bullets are cheap and so is fuel. Actually I would just as soon never have to fire the guns again as long as I live, but thats what they pay me for I guess.

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  11. Default Re: Fly Fish Iraq

    oh by the way, did I win the new G-Loomis yet??
    I know I know, the drawing isn't until the 31st but hey I am sick of being patient.

  12. Default Re: Fly Fish Iraq

    Let's do the Garden of Eden Tour!!

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