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    Default Kansas City Cabela's

    Spring Great Outdoor Days at the Cabela's store in KC will be 13-14 FEB. At least that's when we're booked in.

    I can't promise these times will hold, but it is what we proposed to the events manager:

    Sat 13 FEB

    1000 Build Your Own Furled Leaders Hand-on Workshop: Learn to build furled leaders for fly fishing WITHOUT the use of tools or jigs – using only your hands and a spool on monofilament fishing line.

    1100 Florida Keys Fly Fishing on the Cheap: Learn flats fishing techniques and exactly where to park your rental car for some do-it-yourself fly fishing in the Florida Keys.

    1400 Belize Fly Fishing on the Cheap: Belize, in Central America, is an easy one day flight from the Midwest and offers fly anglers an inexpensive chance to catch bonefish without a guide. We’ll tell you where and how.

    1530 Build You Own Furled Leaders

    1700 Introduction to Saltwater Fly Fishing: Learn about tides, appropriate gear, and basic techniques for taking your first trip to fish the saltwater flats.

    Sun 14 FEB

    1100 Backyard Flats Training – Carp on the Fly: Learn the basic techniques for using carp as a practice fish for bonefish, redfish, tarpon and permit. You might just find a new favorite fly fishing target.

    1200 Florida Keys on the Cheap

    1300 Build You Own Furled Leaders

    If you're within driving distance of KC, come see us.

    FlatsLander Guide Service

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    Default Re: Kansas City Cabela's


    Not going to be anywhere near KC, but was curious on the furled leader info. Can you post or PM how to do it or is that asking too much? don't want to impact your business . Or, secondarily, are you going to visit the Reno (Verdi) Cabelas sometime in the future?


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    Default Re: Kansas City Cabela's

    We've recently posted video (although kind of first generation - it can be improved, but it was our first try at video) on the no-jig, no-tool furled leader building, on our web page. Kansas Fly Fishing for Carp

    The link is on the left side, under the link to the reprint of the article I wrote for American Angler.

    We don't get out west much, staying mostly in the Midwest and South. We're considering offering to present seminars at the National FFF Conclave in West Yellowstone in August. That's about as close as we'll be to Reno.

    But, if the local clubs and/or retailers can help us get there with a little gas money, a beer and dinner, we'd sure try to make it happen. We're not quite big time enough to get national support from Cabela's for such a trip, and rely on the local events coordinators to help defer expenses. But, it sure couldn't hurt for you to ask about having us in the next time you're in the store.

    Feel free to email us - addresses are on the web page - with any questions about the furled leader building. It takes a few to get the technique down. The first 30 might not look perfect, but since they only cost a couple of pennies each, you can afford to keep building them.

    Good luck.

    FlatsLander Guide Service

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    Default Re: Kansas City Cabela's

    hey flats,

    I am in KC-- and I will swing by.

    One question-- the furled leader presentations: the first one looks to be the twist by hand approach. the second leader demo (on sun.) doesn't mention 'without tools, or jigs, etc.'-- is this a repeat of the first demo?

    alright, TWO questions::: these leaders, can you 'cast' them like you can a jig built furled leader? (by 'cast' them I am asking can you cast the leader by itself in your hand?) I build mine with a jig-- the only problem I have is storing the damned thing when I am not building leaders. And I twist 'by feel' (the only worthwhile drill I have is cordless and timing the twist isn't reliable.) I have been known to break a few lines by overtwisting-- thinking of something else and not watching my twist.....

    At any rate, I will try the technique that you linked to. Thanks

    See you there. There are a number of places to get a finely brewed beer right around Cabelas. I'll buy the first round if you have the time.

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    Default Re: Kansas City Cabela's

    Rain -

    Yes the others are just repeats of the hand furled demo, just saving typing strokes.

    Yes, you can cast them as you end up with a 4-strand butt section, 2-strand mid section leader, and single strand tippet tied with a bimini twist (or perfection loop). So it is tapered enough to cast by hand.

    I won't argue the point that those furled with jigs and having more than one step down are more tapered and therefore easier to cast without a rod. They likely are. But, I can build leaders on my flats boat as long as I have a spool of mono, if I have to. No storage problem here!

    I'm not down on jig furled leaders, but we're minimalists (in spite of having about 50 fly rods between us) so if we can do something simply, and make it work for us, we'll probably do it.

    Then again, I'm sitting here sipping a very fine India Pale Ale that I brewed myself by crushing the grain, soaking it in hot water for an hour, rinsing it into a kettle, boiling for an hour, draining into a large bucket, adding yeast, waiting two weeks, siphoning into a keg, chilling, adding CO2, and dispensing into a glass, when I could have just bought a 6 pack, opened a bottle, and pouring, so maybe we're not minimalists in all respects. But brewing is a lot more fun and satisfying than buying it!

    Look forward to seeing you there. Be sure to check back with me, or with the store for the actual seminar times.

    FlatsLander Guide Service

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    Default Re: Kansas City Cabela's


    I didn't mean to come off as though your leaders are somehow inferior--- nor do I want to suggest that jig built are better leaders.

    I am in your camp-- if I can build mine by hand and have it perform just as well as going through all the steps of a jig--- I'm on board. It will provide more time to enjoy those fine ales (I'm a pale, ipa, and esb drinker, myself.).

    Of course, I have been known to enjoy one while I am fooling with the jig....

    Now that I think on it, I tend to enjoy one with many things....

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    Default Re: Kansas City Cabela's

    And I didn't mean to sound defensive, as I'm not. Since I spent 7 hours Sunday brewing 15 gallons of beer, I'm not going to knock anyone who wants to build a jig to make furled leaders!

    They are, in a way, inferior, in that they only have two tapers between the fly and the fly line. But the ease of construction, and the fact they are dirt cheap (more money for beer fixin's), and the fact that they work damned well for us in fresh and salt water for all kinds of fish......

    I suppose if you're fishing a spring creek with a 14 foot 8X tippet, our furled leaders won't cut it. A guy who knows his way around a jig can make a far superior leader for that application. That's not our fishing. We chase carp and wipers, bluegills, bass, catfish and crappie in Kansas, bonefish and tarpon in Florida and Belize, redfish and specks in Texas and Louisiana, and our quick and dirty furled leaders do the trick there.

    I promise you, you will be impressed at how quickly we can furl a leader butt/mid, crank out a bimini, and be fully rigged and ready. Like you say, more time for drinking (and making) beer!
    FlatsLander Guide Service

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    Default Re: Kansas City Cabela's

    I built my furled leader board in two 3' pieces, and put hinges on the back and a latch on the front. That way, when I'm done furling, I can fold the board up and put it aside. Also, it is then easy to travel with!
    I use a Dremel to furl. It's not so much in counting, but feel of the leader as you go. Haven't had much problem since learning the feel of the different threads I use.
    Hope that helps.

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