Today was the "on the water" session for our club's beginners fly fishing class.
There were 13 students in all and I really didn't count, but of the 13 at least 2 were women and 3 were high school age boys. I good sign for our sport, I think.

In the 4 hours on the water, we mentors are charged with teaching the proper techniques for fish a dry, nymphing, both high stick and with and indicator, and wet fly and streamer fishing.
In reality, how to extract your fly from trees, the bottom, and your sleeve turns out to be far more important.
Last week's pond casting instruction ( I don't participate in that) must not have gone well as we needed to start from scratch.
It was tips, tips, tips, all morning. It's amazing how much information an experienced fly fisherman knows that a beginner needs to learn.

I hope I don't sound like I'm complaining because that couldn't be further from the truth. It couldn't have been more fun.
I'm only sorry that my student didn't catch a fish.
He said that he didn't care one bit, but that would have made both of our days