Being fairly new to the art of fly fishing I've never been but I'm told by some of the old timers it's well worth the trip. For those who have never been in the Waynesboro, VA area it is also close to the entrance of the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive with some beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Food for thought. Hope to see a few of y'all there.

I could not connect to the website but here is the address
April 19 -April 20, 2008
Virginia Fly Fishing Festival
Waynesboro, Virginia
Fly fishing casting demos on stream, over 40 fly fishing product exhibitors, wine tasting, live music
Estimated attendees-1000 540-932-1043

PS: The Blue Ridge Parkway is free and more scenic but has less pull off areas, Skyline Drive costs $10 for a day pass but has a ton of pull of areas, a few places to eat, some hiking trails and a couple of gas stations. Either makes for a nice day trip but for the motorcycle rider like myself I much prefer the Blue Ridge Parkway.