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    Default LCWCC's Annual Kid's Trout & Fishing Derby 2016

    Livingston County Wildlife & Conservation Club's
    Annual Kid's Trout & Fishing Derby
    May 21st-22nd, 2016

    "To conserve and protect our sporting outdoor heritage" are fine words so long as that legacy is embraced by future generations. Nothing inspires such interest in our youth more than positive outdoors recreational experiences. For over twenty years our club has provided exactly that with our Annual Kid’s Fishing Derby.

    Few outdoor activities provide as much satisfaction as a child’s first successful fishing experience. The exhilaration as they reel it in to the beaming smiles as they show off their catch. LCWCC has supplied that opportunity annually to local children in a safe easy-to-access, easy-to-catch fun environment. Each year we stock our club’s pond used solely for this event with Rainbow Trout. We further make the event an outdoors celebration for these youngsters with food, drawings and prizes.

    A family oriented event, over the two-day weekend we expect a minimum of 150 children to try their hand fishing. Our pond is stocked for-the-event with approximately 350 Rainbow Trout in addition to other warm water species virtually ensuring success with a minimum of effort made.

    Prizes will be awarded at hourly drawings in addition for certain fish and achievements. Live-bait or artificial-lure fishing is allowed, and live-bait is available for those needing it. Parents are expected to attend to participate in their child’s fishing experience, and skilled club staff will be available to give further assistance.

    Grilled food, snacks and soft-drinks will also be made available. Finally each child will be given a free International Game Fish Association Junior Angler Membership.

    This event is open to the public, the specifics as follows:

    Event Dates, Times and Location:
    Day 1: Saturday, May 21st, 2016 8:00AM-5:00PM
    Day 2: Sunday, May 22nd, 2016 8:00AM-5:00PM
    Location: 6060 East M-36, Hamburg, Michigan 48139
    Parking: On premise

    Participant Limitations and Fees:
    Children ages 7-y.o. and younger: $2.00, a fishing license is not required.
    Children ages 8-15-y.o.: $3.00, a fishing license is not required.
    Adults 16 and up: May only assist those younger fishing.
    The minimal fees collected are utilized to help offset the cost of purchasing the fish, prizes and associated support items and services.

    Google Map:

    LCWCC General Information:
    Situated on the banks of the Huron River, since 1950 Livingston County Wildlife & Conservation Club (LCWCC) has served as a prominent member of Michigan’s outdoor sporting community. LCWCC has traditionally promoted hunting, fishing, shooting sports and natural resource conservation within our community through a number of public education programs, open social activities, service and philanthropic projects.

    Focussing our efforts in Livingston and surrounding counties, LCWCC’s numerous programs help maintain the surrounding area (roadway and river cleanups), educate youth and adults as to outdoors sporting safety (many classes are free), and contribute to the community at large in the form of needed financial, food, goods and services.

    Having been a 66 year member in good standing of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs, LCWCC values natural resource and wildlife conservation highly as it serves our local community. Finally we recently became internationally recognized as the first and only Great Lakes Region International Game Fish Association (IGFA) Member Club. IGFA’s conservation efforts influencing and improving ethical fishing practices the world over.

    Our goal is simple. To conserve and protect our sporting outdoor heritage through responsible wildlife and natural resource stewardship. Our legacy to future generations thrives with educated ethical use…not apathetic waste or neglect.

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    Default Re: LCWCC's Annual Kid's Trout & Fishing Derby 2016

    Though I'm still waiting for some photographs of the weekend's events to post, how about a few numbers to see how many kids may have been exposed to fishing for the first time.

    (Obviously, some of these kids may not have been as understanding of it all, however, those too young to appreciate the fishing typically return when they can having enjoyed the event. Most of all though, getting moms and dads to get the kids fishing is 90% of the battle, so if they're bringing them a bit too young, so be it in that it gets the adults participating so they'll be an inspiration to their young ones).

    17 months - 1
    1.5 yr. - 2
    2 yr. - 6
    2.5 yr. - 1
    3 yr. - 16
    4 yr. - 19
    5 yr. - 19
    6 yr. - 16
    7 yr. - 10
    8 yr. - 18
    = 108

    9 yr. - 11
    10 yr. - 10
    11 yr. - 6
    12 yr. - 9
    13 yr. - 6
    14 yr. - 10
    15 yr. - 10
    16 yr. - 1
    17 yr. - 1

    Total participating children in attendance = 172


    -To conserve and protect our sporting outdoor heritage
    ----through responsible wildlife and natural resource
    ---------stewardship, and educated ethical use.

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