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    Default FFF Conclave Roll Call Thread

    i'll go ahead and start this thread.

    this year's federation of fly fishers conclave is in loveland, colorado, the end of july and beginning of august. if you've never been to 1, you're missing out...seriously.

    so who's going?

    i'm in!

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    Default Re: FFF Conclave Roll Call Thread


    I'm going (hard to miss since it is so close this year), but not sure what days just yet.


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    Default Re: FFF Conclave Roll Call Thread

    I'm in negotiations with my better half at this time...She's taking a class she needs to keep her teaching certificate up to date; and it falls the same time. I mentioned going and she's not convinced as of yet.


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    Default Re: FFF Conclave Roll Call Thread

    i'm going to leave early, spend a few days fishing in the valle vidal and the conejos river along the co/nm border before going on to loveland. then i have fishing dates in rocky mtn nat'l park and on the poudre while i'm there. on the way back, i'll probably trout bum another favorite spot or two. i'm just trying to choose which one(s).

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