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    I own this rod. I do a lot a backpacking and it is perfect. There IS definitely a need for a 7-8 piece rod. Fits nicely into by backpack or carry-on. I'm definitely not going to trust my $800 Z to a bunch of baggage carriers. Not sure what weights the flyer comes in though. Mine is a 5.

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    I have a Felxtec, as to several friends. Check out tacklediscounts and see what they have. The newer models are a little firmer than the originals which makes them nicer, but either way they cast well and catch fish. I purchased it to ensure it would fit inside normal luggage.
    An Albright 5pc will fit corner to corner in normal luggage and the president is quite interested in ensuring your satisfaction (I have phoned him twice). A couple of friends have these rods as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wannafish View Post
    These are my choice! I haven't got one but they are on sale for $198.00 right now. With the Orvis name resell won't be a problem either.
    That is a deal. I have no problems carrying on or backpacking a four piece but if you want to go smaller, its tough to beat this price. And as wannafish said, with the Orvis name you can always ebay it for what you paid.

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    PS if you want a five piece 5wt Albright (never fished with tube) let me know. I'll make you a heck of a deal.

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