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    Default How do I tie knots used in Fly Fishing

    There are many knots to use and learn. The best sources for instruction on tieing knots used in Fly Fishing are:

    1. Animated Knots by GROG


    Albright Knot
    Arbor Knot
    Blood Knot
    Dropper Loop
    Improved Clinch Knot
    Nail Knot
    Palamar Knot
    Perfection Loop
    Rapala Loop
    Snell Knot
    Surgeon's Knot
    Surgen's Loop
    Trilene Knot
    Uni Knot

    2. Orvis Animated Knot Series


    Orvis Tippet Knot
    Clinch Knot
    Blood Knot
    Non-Slip Mono Loop
    Nail Knot
    Perfection Loop
    Surgeon's Knot
    Orvis Knot

    3. Peche Truite.


    Davy Knot
    Pitzen Knot

    The Peche Truite site has the most complete list of world wide fishing knots that includes the Davy and the Pitzen knots.
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    Default Re: How do I tie knots used in Fly Fishing

    Here is a YouTube video showing how to tie a clinch knot in 10 seconds with a little practice: [ame=]YouTube - Best fishing knots tied easily[/ame]


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