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  1. Default how do you make a furled monofilamet sighter

    New guy and first post. I looked and performed a couple searches, but did not find any reference to the term "furled sighter". Does anyone have a method they are willing to share for tying a furled monofilament sighter? It appears to me there are a couple available commercially, but I'd like to try tying my own. Thanks.

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    Default Re: how do you make a furled monofilamet sighter

    Depending on the length you desire you could braid three strands of monofilament.



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    'RT' beat me to the web sites.

    Just me, and Lord knows how many others, fruled leaders will/can last for years. Just my .02 cents but the main run out of Kevlar thread to a tippit ring.

    Beyond that do what you want with the leader's. Obviously the fly line/leader's have to be a reasonable match.

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