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    Default Double nymph rig setup, adding weight?

    I've not really nymph fished most of my life.

    I am looking at exploring euro nymphing, aka high sticking.

    The waters I will be fishing are bluelines with deep pools to pocket waters. I am not fishing any tailwaters.

    What type of set up do you use, double nymph and adding weights. Where do you place the weight(s)?

    Any help is appreciated.
    Mainline the blueline

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    Default Re: Double nymph rig setup, adding weight?

    Take a look at It is Devin Olsen's site. Devin is on the US Fly Fishing team and took a Bronze Medal at the world Championships in 2015.

    Check out the blog. Start at the earliest page and work forward through the instructional sections.

    Buy the DVD if you can afford it. It is really great.


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    Default Re: Double nymph rig setup, adding weight?

    I personally always add split shot above the 1st nymph.

    I think you'll find that there are quite a few ways to do this. I would say try them all and find which one works best for you. I always use the method I do because I find it tangles up the least for me when casting and seems to work well.

    Im not really much of a high stick/competition style nymph fisherman. I would suggest George Daniel's "Dynamic Nymphing" book for lots of diagrams and information about this type of fishing. I own the book and its a good read even if you arent into this specific style of fishing.

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    Default Re: Double nymph rig setup, adding weight?

    Check out George Daniels book - Dynamic Nymphing. You can also find a series of 3 videos of a presentation he gave on YouTube.

    Probably more options that you’ll ever need on small bluelines, but those tailwaters up there will be good play ground for many of the techniques covered.

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    Default Re: Double nymph rig setup, adding weight?

    First, read the stuff Silver Creek mentioned. Great stuff.

    Second, as a general guideline, most people will tell you to place the split shot about a foot above the first fly, which is my starting point. Generally speaking, I position the weight farther up from the fly the faster the water. Up to about two feet. At this point it's kind of a feel thing, but I usually start at a foot.

    Another method is using an anchor fly, which is usually the second fly. Anchor flies usually are tied with a lot of lead/tungsten wire wrapped around the hook shank, negating the need for a split-shot.

    Hope some of that helps.

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    Default Re: Double nymph rig setup, adding weight?

    Whether you use one or two nymphs, in euronymphing it's the weight of the nymphs that you manipulate. I do this quite a bit and don't even own any split shot.
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