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Thread: Do you tie your own leaders?

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    Default Re: Do you tie your own leaders?

    Just found this Gary Borger article on this kind of stuff...
    Gary Borger Blog Archive Uni-Body to Harvey Style Leader
    and this one Tip: Stop Wasting Money on Leaders | Hatch Magazine - Fly Fishing, etc.

    Looks like I am putting in an order for some leader material soon.

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    I tie my own leaders and have found through trial and error how to tie leaders that turn over dries for the way I cast. I found the tapered knotless leaders usually had a too thick butt that didn't transition well with smaller line sizes. I use Maxima chameleon for the 60/20 part and switch to Orvis Super Strong for the last 20%.

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    Default Re: Do you tie your own leaders?

    I tie some and buy some. All depends on where I'm fishing and what my needs are at the time. I often start with a tapered leader and work some magic with it.
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    I used to tie my own when I started fly fishing, back when I had wind knots as my middle name. I stopped making them as I was getting better in casting.
    However, I still have them in my leader wallets and used them sparingly.
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    Default Re: Do you tie your own leaders?

    Tying my own leaders lately, and learning a lot about leaders, I found this particular thread inspiring and very useful. Lately, the video from Tightlines Productions ,, and a show on the Harvey leader on Eric Stroup's outstanding subscription fly fishing video series, Face Time Fly Fishing, got me great results just by tweaking leader design streamside.

    My wife and I were fishing a western Pennsylvania creek with four weights. She was nymphing and I was fishing wets. Each of our hand tied leaders were tailored to our particular approach. Gorgeous needed a bit more turnover when she went to a Tungsten Torpedo and mini-bugger below a thingamabobber. Using what I had learned, I shortened up one part of her terminal tackle by about twelve inches and, just like that, her leader set up turned over beautifully. (And soon she had the delivery and drift she wanted and was into fish on the Torpedo).

    I am slowly learning how important the leader is to casting, WAY more important than I had thought for years!

    There is much, much more to learn, but just being able to "dial in" her leader was very satisfying and cool.

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