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    All my fly lines are over ten years old. The last one I bought new was a WF4 Cortland 444 peach in 2007. Ironically, that one is now out of use, despite being fished less than some others I have; it's cracked badly at the point where the WF head meets the running line. I have a DT6F Aircel Ultra III which is at least fifteen years old, a DT6F Hardy Perfection which is about the same (bought about twelve years ago) and my most used line is an ancient Aircel which I bought as new old stock and still in its original black and white striped box. Goodness knows how old that is - upwards of forty years at least - yet it is more supple than any plastic line I've ever used. It was plain green when I got it so I dyed it in brown Dylon and it is now a lovely olive/cow dung colour.

    I have in store and awaiting deployment several old lines picked up from vintage tackle fairs, mostly from dealers who specialise in shop clearance. Among these is an unused Aircel Supreme #8 DT floater which is mahogany rather than ivory - anyone know when they stopped that colour option? I know it was available in the late 1960s, as I have some old magazine adverts, but I don't know when it ceased to be an option.

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    I found a SA Ultra 4 in a drawer that was only used a few times, but it was at least 15 years old. Took it off, stretched it across the yard overnight, cleaned it,'s honestly as good as new.

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    I just found a tin of Berkley Specialist WF-6-F I had as a teenager (in my 40s now!). If I can pry the tin open I'll give it a go!

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    I have new Cortland lines that I purchased on clearance that are 5+ years old. They are stored in my fly tying desk and look like new. It's exposure to UV that deteriorates fly line the worst. I can't say all lines from all mfg.'s will last, but Cortland (as I suspect most major brands) does.

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