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It has been a while for you okaloosa....they no longer do a daily release where you chase the dropping water downstream. Or you have to run for the bank while it comes up unexpectedly. The are now a series of minimum flows that tries to preserve natural reproduction and the water release is scheduled by 5 pm the day prior.

The river is very special to me.........regardless of it's flaws.

There are some amazing opportunities to catch trophy fish. And with the advancements in technology make it waaaaayyyyy easier than it used to be. It is what you make of it.
wow, I had no idea....those big releases really turned on the steelies bigtime..plus cleared out all the ice in minutes.....do you have problems with ice in the winter now w/o the big daily releases?
I was addicted to that river....like I said, those days when I had my spot to myself it was like heaven on earth. beautiful river!