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  1. Default Ice in the guides

    Tried going out this morning but had to shut 'er down after getting ice in my guides.
    Any preventative tips on this so it doesn't happen again?

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    Default Re: Ice in the guides

    The only way I've found to fish for extended periods when it is cold enough to ice up the rod and line is to pick a range for casting and then stick with it. The act of stripping line back through the tip top and subsequently the other guides carries water with it every time. The colder it is the sooner a problem develops. I've read about using various potions to inhibit ice forming but I also find things to be complicated enough without the need to be treating my line guides during a day so I choose a distance and continue fishing at that distance without stripping line through my guides between casts. Naturally when you catch a fish you must retrieve the line but I've not found that to be a problem. I've caught as many as a dozen fish while temps were at, near, or below zero and those retrieves didn't cause me any significant ice problems.

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    Default Re: Ice in the guides

    I also second Ard’s post. There is nothing that will keep ice out of the guides. However the less I strip line and keep water away from the rod and guides the less I have to clean them.

    No reason to shut down fishing, just clean out the guides, melt the ice with your bare fingers and keep fishing. I’ve cleaned ice out my guides as much as every few casts for days on end, I’ve had entire reels freeze up, which a spare in the pack comes in handy.

    Ice is just part of the winter fishing gig.

    One thing I do like especially on a couple of my rods is the larger guides, my Echo spey rod has large guides compared to sage and others, I noticed I don’t have nearly the problems with ice.

    A winter rod should have larger guides.

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  7. Default Re: Ice in the guides

    I have found chapstick applied to the guides works most often for me. It keeps water from accumulating on the guides. I have also seen products that claim to keep ice off the guides.

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    Default Re: Ice in the guides

    Chapstick, cooking spray, and Ice off paste will only delay the buildup of ice, it will never completely protect against it. Either don't strip in wet line, or get used to picking the ice out... for god sakes don't quit because of it!

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    Default Re: Ice in the guides

    I just dip the rod in the water to melt the ice and keep fishing.

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    Default Re: Ice in the guides

    Ard nailed it.....
    I fish a lot in winter and the only thing that works, is not wetting the line.......
    The single hand style, (one hand in pocket) and a fixed amount of line.
    High stick or bobber style.......
    I will switch hands and fish left handed warm both hands. Which is good practice....
    BE VERY CAREFUL breaking ice off the terminal guide......I broke a rod tip "being gentle" one time....
    Cold temps may make Graphite even more fragile I think.

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    Default Re: Ice in the guides

    Move to the Gulf Coast. I have never had ice in my guides

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    Default Re: Ice in the guides

    I keep the rod tip away from my cooler...

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    Default Re: Ice in the guides

    Ice in the Guide

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