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    Default Re: Stop loosing gear!

    Some of us substitute teh driver side mirror for the windshield wiper. Rod might blow over in the wind. BUT, eliminate chance of turning wipers on rod. Life's full of tradeoffs. HOWEVER -- Do NOT stand rod against passenger side mirror. It is easy to drive off and forget it -- which i miraculously avoided recently as i saw my new expensive rod falling just out of the edge of my vision. And fortunately i saw if fall in some willows and not under the tires.

    As this thread has progressed i have tried to implement the obviously best advice: put the damned rod away before you dewader, drink a beer, pee, or whatever!!! (though it does require some discipline huh?)

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    Default Re: Stop loosing gear!

    It's hard for me to keep everything organized and in it's place when camping and fishing on an extended road trip, but I'm working on it. Always striving to put my wallet and keys in the same place is extremely important. Once I locked my keys in the SUV while camping on the Madison. The spare key was under the floor mat. We tried and tried to get the door open to no avail. Finally, had to break a window and drive a few hundred miles in the heat before getting it replaced in Boise. Now, I am always sure to have the spare in a key holder under the bumper.

    Another time, camping on th BH I showered and shaved before evening riverside cocktails. After dinner we drove up river to fish the late evening rise. Little did we know a couple items were left on the top of the truck after solar showers. My shaving kit and his shorts. The lucky dog found my pard's shorts but my kit was lost for ever. We still keep an eye out for a black leather bag when in the area...

    I don't recall missing anything the last couple years. It pays to be mindful...

    Oh and that guy that dropped his boo rod and lost his Sarcione reel no longer camps and fishes with us. Last time we crossed paths he didn't even remember who we were. Talk about mindful...

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    When arriving at an access site, my rod outfit comes first (though actual rigging occurs streamside as only then do I know what fly I'm starting with), then I wader up. Returning to the truck, my rod goes into the rod rack first, than I unwader. Most of my fly boxes and 3 types of floatant are all affixed to my vest via homemade lanyards with snap swivels whipped to the cord ends.

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    Years ago I was fishing with a fellow who had been one of my father's fishing buddies. He was nearing 90 years of age but was still wading the Iowa trout streams. We stopped to fish at the last stream of the day and I took my boots and waders off to clean them off in the stream. When my friend dropped me off where I was staying, a 2 hour drive away from the stream, I checked my gear and looked all over but did not see my waders. Then it dawned on me - I had taken my boots to the stream to clean them put them in the trunk of the car and left my waders next to the stream where I took them off. I always wondered what the person who found them thought had happened. I can only laugh about it now. I went home, got on eBay and found a pair of LL Bean Goretex waders and they have been the best waders I have ever owned. I guess I needed a boost to get rid of the old and usher in the new. LOL

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