I fish freestone rivers over here in the UK . Varying form small streams a few feet wide right up to big rolling dales rivers . I fish nymphs on a variety of rods from a 6ft 2wt right up to 10ft 4 wt. Short line Czech nymphing can be done with short rods but you are ltd . I think this whole nymphing thing has got buried under a bunch of new terms. French /Spanish /Czech/ Polish are pretty much variations on a common theme mainly driven by the type of water you are fishing . People call it Euro nymphing but it strikes me people use that one term to describe to many things . Personally I fish with a French leader at times where the type of water requires it . I find Soft rods ( long or short ) help a lot . I have an Old Orvis T3 7ft 10 2 wt . that I use from time to time its heavy blank nearly works itself . I find a braided sighter 6 or 8 ft back from the fly gives just sufficient weight to aid getting things straight out . I also use a Hanak 9ft 2 wt We are lucky in the UK there is a lot of Eastern European specialist nymphing stuff available . If I am fishing a short line approach then I sometimes use a special zero weight nymphing line but casting is a pig . I have found over the last few years that on smaller streams my go to approach is a two weight rod . with a long leader of 12 or 15 ft . Easy to short line with but nearly as delicate as a French leader and even ok to cast a dry if things are hatching . Its a compromise approach as I could need 4 different set ups in 50 yrs of river .