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    Default 6 Easy Tips to Help Fly Anglers Catch Educated Trout

    Here is an excellent article detailing how to enhance your fly fishing to the next level (a Gink and Gasoline article by Kent Klewein):

    6 Easy Tips to Help Fly Anglers Catch Educated Trout | Fly Fishing | Gink and Gasoline | How to Fly Fish | Trout Fishing | Fly Tying | Fly Fishing Blog

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    Default Re: 6 Easy Tips to Help Fly Anglers Catch Educated Trout

    I liked the tips that were given with one exception. As a general overview, in my opinion, strategies for catching educated trout fall into 4 main categories. But the 4th category is not mentioned in the article because it is too broad a category to summarize with a "tip".

    The first category is to avoid detection. This is most important because if you are detected, you have lost the game before the first cast. In this category, I think they missed an important tip = Stay low and go slow! I think I would replace the fish early and late tip with Stay low and Go slow.

    The second category is like avoiding detection except that it applies to the cast itself and that is where the downsizing the rod and line size tip fits in. Avoid spooking the fish with your cast.

    The third category of performing a natural presentation applies once you have avoided detection of yourself and the cast. The the tips of a downstream presentation, and longer tippets and leaders apply to provide a drag free drift.

    As I said, the fourth category is not mentioned. Category 4 is basically matching the hatch which not only means choosing the fly that matches the hatch but also choosing the correct level to fish from bottom to top = nymph/larva to emerger/pupa to adult/spent adult.


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