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Thread: Grandson

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    Default Grandson

    I'd like to get my grandson started working a fly-rod; he's 7yrs old 52inches tall, thin frame - what kind of outfit should I get him to start out on?

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    Default Re: Grandson

    Wonderful idea and a great many years will follow. I think I would suggest you start with something like this to give him the basic idea of what a fly rod casting is all about:

    PractiCaster Practice Fly Rod - Orvis

    Then, after we are getting the gist of things, I would recommend you start him with a small 2wt- 3wt rod....maybe a 6' 6" rod or so....lighter, and potentially easier to handle for him.....then I'd get him to a nice blue gill pond where long casts aren't needed and get him excited by seeing fish....then once the bug has bit can work on things from there.....keeping it all fun and kind of game I would imagine is the best way to keep his attention and get him excited about a fly rod. The practice rod will allow to cast all the time anywhere without worry of danger, breakage or set-up,.....the nerf gun of fly rods. Have fun !!

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    Default Re: Grandson

    A fiberglass rod. Generally tougher than carbon so when he inevitably bangs the rod into something or something into the rod, the rod has a greater chance to survive the encounter. Something like the 3, 4 or 5 weight Cabelas CGR might fit the bill.

    The rods are short (less likely to swing it into things), the rods bend well into the butt allowing for the user to really feel it load, and they don’t cost very much.

    I might over line it a little or at least have a heavier, shorter head line. Put on a small foam spider or something that floats, consider barbless or a mashed down barb.

    Nothing wrong with a fresh cut stalk of bamboo, a section of monofilament attached to the skinny end of the bamboo and something appetizing at the other end of the line. Less complicated than a fly rod set up, but springy bamboo might be hard to find depending on where you are. From what I understand about Tenkara, it’s not all that different than the bamboo set up so you could look into a Tenkara package.
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    Default Re: Grandson

    To be honest at that age it doesn't matter what he uses, within limits, it is all going to be one big adventure with his grandad, something he will treasure in future years. Just go and have fun together.

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    Default Re: Grandson

    I'll second the Cabelas CGR idea. They are durable and fun. The 4WT is only 6-6. If it turns out it's just a little too early for a fly rod, you won't have much invested and you can just put it away for a year or two.

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    Default Re: Grandson

    Echo gecko. Can find them used for $50 or new for $90 or so. My girls, 7 & 9 yo, have been using it for over a couple of years and love it. I have a 6wt line on it for my 7yo and a 5wt line for my 9yo. My 7yo casts two handed with it and my 9yo casts single handed with it. Its a ton of fun to fish and I actually use it myself as a small creek rod. It casts double nymph rigs with indicator and shot just fine. Can handle large fish with no problem. We used it to fish dries and dry dropper on some of the creeks in Yellowstone a couple of weeks ago. My 7yo caught 7 and my 9yo caught 26. All little ones but fun nonetheless.

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    This may get a bit long, but I am taking the same journey with grandsons that you are just beginning.

    My oldest grandson is now 10 and is becoming a very nice caster. He has been playing with fly rods since he was about 2. For his 3rd birthday, he got a TFO Bug Chucker (I think that is the name) He played with it while we lawn casted and by age 7 he was able to cast and catch blue gills in the pond. By age 8 he took his first "man trip" to the rivers with his dad and me. He was able to catch trout from the boat.

    He seemed to be struggling with the 4 wt, so I gave him a garage sale 8.5ft 5 wt.He started using that and at 9 he was becoming a good caster. Now at 10 he is double hauling. I have to explain that he is a big strong boy; not real athletic, but he is consumed with everything outdoors. He will string up a rod and pretend he is in a boat and practice.

    In the beginning, we showed him the basics and let him play around and figure it out. As he matured and practiced, we could explain to him how to improve and at 9 he became very coachable.

    My younger is 7 and wanted a rod for his birthday. He got a 9" 5wt. We skipped the kid's rod with him. He is still figuring it out, but I'll step back and just let him have fun for a while. He is not as driven as his brother, but idolizes him, so I think between the 2 of them, they will work it out.

    I would not give a 2 wt as a beginning rod. A heavier line will be easier to feel. Last weekend, the 10 year old wanted to try the 2 wt on 'gills at the pond. After a few minutes, he said that it was hard for him to feel so he went back to his 5 wt.

    Anyway, those are my experiences. You are going to have a great time in the next few years. Of everything I've done in life, being a fly fishing Poppa is the best, by far.

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    Default Re: Grandson

    I've used the CGR 7 foot 5/6 with two 10 year old boys with sufficient success to keep them interested.

    The same two boys also responded well to an inexpensive "Tenkara" rod (I put that in quotes because it's probably considered a keiryu rod) -- a Goture 11 footer, about $40. Eliminating the reel from the equation allows them to focus on the cast. I'll work them into the fly rod as we go in the next couple of years. Also the Goture rod (with some tennis racquet tape on the grip) is easier for small hands to grasp.

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    Default Re: Grandson

    Here is a pretty good deal for your grandson Redington Classic Trout 9'4wt, Path reel and a Rio line. $149.00
    Redington Classic Trout Fly Fishing Outfit - Item# 1415541 | Sportsman's Warehouse

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