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    I have had a whipped loop on a #12 Triangle Taper cut through by the mono it was looped to. I don't believe this would have happened with a braided loop.

    On heavier lines I now make a double catspaw on the loop to looping to help spread the load. I use 50lb Gudebrod to make heavier braided loops. I whip on the loop and use a shrink sleeve as well to prevent fraying of the end of the braid.

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    I needed a new loop on a line, and in a pinch (with advice from my local fly shop) nail knotted a short piece of 30# Maxima, and terminated with a perfection loop.

    Not sexy and smooth, but works well as a field fix.

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    Another thing you can do instead of welding is to use a whip finish tool and your favorite thread to hold the loop in place, on a needle in your vise (sort of like you are tying an extended body foam stonefly or some such), then coat the thread with UV flex resin, such as Loon knot sense.

    I've also used the heat shrink tubing / heat gun method. As others have noted, this works better with some lines than others. The Airflo Sniper sinking lines don't have front loops (for a variety of reasons) and the kind folks at Rajeff Sports specifically recommended making a welded loop using the heat shrink tubing method, which worked great for me.

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