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    Default Save your GPS on the cheap

    I had my GPS and a neoprene 'coozy' in the glove box; added the two together and came up with a means to protect the GPS from scratches and maybe a broken screen.

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    Default Re: Little tricks to share

    NEVER get sunscreen, bug spray, or other lotions on your flies.

    ALWAYS wash your hands thoroughly after handling any volatile chemicals.

    Those fish have noses! Actually, they have chemical sensors; same thing.

  3. Default Re: Little tricks to share--Extended Body tool DIY

    I recently made some attempts to tie some extended body flies, foam and hair. I looked at some of the extended body tools available but could not see spending that kind of $$ on a couple small pieces of metal. So after watching some videos with a standard extended body tool my little light bulb went on.

    Sorry the description will be long...and may be hard to follow unless you watch the video of the standard extended body tool and then read my description.

    Instead of this tool use a standard safety pin. Standard instructions here:

    I grabbed a standard sized safety pin, bent it part way open, about 120 degrees and mounted the sharp end in the vise with the tip bent slightly up (matching the curve of whatever you are tying). The clip end of the safety pin is out the top/back of the jaws and pointing up. To start, wrap and secure your thread to the arm sticking up and then take it down to the very end of the point. Wrap a couple of times at the very end of the point and then tie your foam as done in the instructions on the link above. Works great and you can use many different sized safety pins and save almost $20. If you have difficulty picturing ths I can post pics later. Hope you like this tip.


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    Default Re: Little tricks to share

    In another thread the question was posed as to "what items someone should take on a trout trip." Though I can't speak for any of you, I know I ALWAYS forget something...So below was my reply and how I try and keep from forgetting to pack anything.

    I take the reverse approach....Forget picking all of the stuff you might need, pick out the stuff you won't. Now that sounds like a lot yet it is not....bear with me.

    I have two bags specifically for freshwater fly fishing.
    • 1. A rod case which holds all of my FW reels, filled spools, old line, and all of my FW rods (only have 4 I would ever use, others things I graduated from).
    • 2. A wader bag which holds my Ice Buster waders, my hip waders (soon to be replaced by lightweight waders and felt soled "flats booties"), my fishing net(s), rain gear, disposable rain gear, K-Bar, and my fly fishing vest.
    • 2a. My fly fishing vest contains every single tool (knives, nippers, knot tools, leader gauges, hemostats, etc.), compass, 1.75x & 3.5x reading glasses, fishing sun glasses, flashlights, fly dressing, line dressing, leader dressing, mud, splitshot, indicators, leader/tippet material on spools, fish gloves, leader wallet including sinking tips, reference booklets, pocket camera & USB cord, bugspray, 1 pill bottle with basic meds (asprin, sinus med. bandaids, etc.) and every single fly box filled with flies that I own (easily 1,000 flies), and 2 small empty fly boxes, etc. etc..

    The rods, reels, line I won't be needing I remove from the rod case. The waders I won't use I remove from the wader bag. Any fly types (as i sort them a specific way) I won't use I remove those boxes. Anything else in the vest I will not be using I remove (ex. steel leader wire, bass flies, etc.) etc. etc..

    The only thing I add are maps which I put in the wader bag.............When I return, I clean everything I used, replace what was damaged, lost or used up, and put back into both cases what I took out...returning the maps to their own shelves.

    By doing it that way, I never "forgot something", and anything I determine as un-needed once there I can leave in the wader bag. More so, since i keep everything in it's own specific place in the vest, I instantly know where to reach each time for anything.....Yet I'm assured to have everything I'll need when i get there.......and, by replacing it all when back it makes me clean what I used.


    -To conserve and protect our sporting outdoor heritage
    ----through responsible wildlife and natural resource
    ---------stewardship, and educated ethical use.

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    Default Re: Little tricks to share

    Quote Originally Posted by grtlksmarlin View Post
    I take the reverse approach....By doing it that way, I never "forgot something",
    Unless you're like me who went off to the Henry's Fork and left my reel bag on the bench in our garage after extracting the reels I didn't plan to use.

    Of course the folks at Henry's Forks Anglers were delighted to sell me another reel, and my wife made one of those "spouse-wise" remarks to the effect that maybe I left that bag on purpose.

    There are some nice "Little Tricks" in this thread.

    Allen R
    Snake River Plain

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    Default Re: Little tricks to share

    I recently posted this idea in a fishing hat thread and thought it might be helpful posted here also.

    Save your hat !

    Buy 2 "alligator clips" at Radio Shack, and connect them together with 12" of cord or old fly fishing line. Clip one end to your hat, and the other to your collar. Once tethered, your hat can't get very far if a gust blows it off your head.
    " I'm just a cook " Casey Ryback, Under Siege

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    Default Re: Little tricks to share

    Quote Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post
    I never use a hook keeper and the rods that I build don't even get one.
    I always pass the leader under the bottom of the reel, then hook the fly to the first or second stripping guide.

    Brett Rader, a guide on Lake Tanycomo in Missouri, showed me this trick. It's simple and extremely handy, especially for multi-fly and/or indicator rigs. I haven't used a hook keeper since. I think what makes it so useful is the fly line is out of the tip-top. No tugging and gymnastics trying to get ready to cast when you're out in the water. Unhook the fly and you're ready to go.


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    Default Re: Little tricks to share

    On short leaders I use the hook keeper. On leaders long enough that the nail knot would have to pass through the guides I use the reel foot technique.
    Nautilus offers a cool hook keeper. I just wish the radius was large enough to prevent kinking of the line or leader if using it to redirect the line to hook onto a guide for storage or transport of the rig.

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    Default Re: Little tricks to share

    I like that Nautilus feature but use it a little differently. Wrapping my line over it, I continue around the circumference of the reel hooking the fly to a forward guide. The Nautilus "Hooker" acts to prevent the line (leader) from sliding off the shoulder of the reel. Always, as with Nautilus's clever feature, wrap the line around the reel on the opposite side than the handle so as to not risk it sliding into the gap between the spool and frame.

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    Default Re: Little tricks to share

    amazing thread you guys have going on here! im new to this whole forum deal and dont have any tips yet but im sure sometime soon ill be able to come up with something

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