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    Duplicate post.

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    Those stretchy loops (ponytail cuffs) that girls use to tie their ponytails work well to keep line organized on reels. They seem to be on sidewalks all over town.

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    Possibility for small split shot. Buy Mack,s Wax Ear Plug (clear wax oval), push 6-8 shot into the wax, split side up and put in one divider of a fly box and then it take out and put the wax plug in your palm or on top to the fly box to put your leader/tippet thorough and pinch closed. Less dropped shot.

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    I like the ol' redneck system of just 'spinning your male ferrule tip at the crease of your nose, to coat it with the natural oil the accumulates there. Doesn't build up or attract dirt, and works very well to lube rod sections.

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    If you spend enough time in a drift boat, or fishing in general for that matter, you'll soon realize you'd be twice as effective if you could fish with your non - dominant hand. I read a great magazine article on this, can't remember where, that got me started. It's really pretty simple to teach yourself this valuable skill. There are also a couple ways to play with dominant hand presentations in awkward scenarios.

    To learn non-dominant hand casting, start on the lawn, just with a scrap of yarn for a fly. Simply get enough line out to load the rod. Don't worry about line management - although, for me, when fishing topwater poppers for smallies and streamers for trout or muskies that was a big challenge - I'd suggest just working the line directly off the reel - no slack - at first.

    Start an easy, relaxed false casting cadence with your dominant hand. You aren't hauling, or going for exaggerated velocity, just doing the 10 - 1 on the clockface, with 'high noon' straight up. Pretty much a forearm stroke only.


    Match the cadence, the stops and starts. When things are going smoothly, work your casting arm over more towards the center of your chest. Place your non-dominant hand on the rod somewhere comfortable. You are going to hand the rod off to the non-dominant hand when you are ready, so be mindful of that. When your two hands are synchronized, drop your dominant hand and keep it going.

    Now, you are practicing with the new hand. Assume a proper open stance with your non-dominant side leg behind, approximately 55 - 60% of your weight on it, and foot pointed out from centerline. Your dominant side foot and leg usually will fall naturally to the proper attitude, towards target.
    ...Stance is key, and often overlooked

    Next step is to do the 'pickup and laydown'; just as it sounds, some simple casts, seeing how they feel. Then move through all the steps of the cast sequence:

    The unweighted pickup
    The smooth and increasing acceleration to a sudden, dead, stop
    ...Good to look at your backcast here - it should be straight and layout 180 degrees from the target
    A micro pause..then smoothly, ideally just before the road loads,
    An increasing acceleration forward to a dead stop
    Lowering the rod tip in a relaxed follow through

    Line management is your next real world challenge, and takes practice, ideally on water.

    Best tip I can give is to mind the footwork; when you are casting with your non-dominant hand, you need to reverse your feet, as outlined above. Once your thigh is out of the way, it goes much better. In my case, that took me a couple years to realize ;/. Also, I realized how inept my 'master hand' was at gathering and managing line. I'd suggest first streamers, then poppers - chasing your favorite fish - from a boat for fast and fun practice.

    In the boat, 2 other important skills that benefit from continuing work are the backhand presentation, and the chest 'choked' or 'blocked' off-hand cast with the dominant hand. Casting with the dominant arm to the dominant arm side of the boat can be frustrating and even dangerous when in the bow.

    Folks will probably do best in the front of the boat with the backhand presentation by turning to face 8 o clock in the boat (bow is 12) to do a backhand presentation river right at 2 o clock. Southpaws reverse this for the river left bank; face 4 o clock and drop the backcast to 10 o clock.. This is great practice for looking at and then addressing backcast issues as well.

    Finally, dominant arm to dominant side casting in the bow is an opportunity to practice 'blocking' or 'choking' the pickup with your chest as you raise and stop the rod over your non-dominant shoulder in a diagonal attitude. This is most effective for short, precise casts.

    This is safer for your rower/'wheelman' and stern angler if you are the bow angler, and also is a great tactile reinforcer for the feel of a 'dead stop' at the end of your back cast. My chest preventing overtravel or 'creep' of my rod hand gives me a solid 'wall' to let that backcast unfurl.

    Play with this stuff and see what you think -
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    Not really a trick, but I always carry one of those zip-lock bags in my vest for used tippet and trash. Additiionally, discarded mono, food wrappers, plastic caps, littering the banks can be sealed in the baggie without stinking up my vest. Just discard properly and help our streamsides.
    Nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught. - Anonymous.

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