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    Default Re: Little tricks to share

    Flex Seal rings a bell.

    Thanks so much.

    I think I read you could use it inside waders, but maybe not.

    Thanks again.
    -Rick Allen

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    Default Re: Little tricks to share

    When wanting to go fishing just tell the spousal unit "I'm going to get supper, have the deep fryer hot and ready when I get home". Just don't forget to stop by WalMart on the way home and pick up a box of IQF catfish fillets.
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    Default Re: Little tricks to share

    Not really a trick as such but I use a small separate fly box to store flies that are wet , I donít like the idea of putting wet flies straight back into the main box after use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by myt1 View Post
    Somewhere, I can't find it anywhere, there was a post about a material that you could spray on the inside of your waders to stop small leaks.

    I believe it was something you could get at The Home Depot.

    I thought I saved the link, but apparently not.

    Does anyone know the name of the spray? And does it work?
    Have you tried the water proofing spray like would be used on a tent? This can be found at most stores that carry camping gear? I have some and tried it on my 'breathable' waders but have yet to try them out.

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    Default Re: Little tricks to share

    I always keep a bare, long shank barbless hook in my flybox. A super sharp hook cleans any dried glue or resin out of your fly eye faster than the one on most nippers. It works great on those #16 and smaller hooks. I know I should have noticed it on the vise, but long tying sessions make me
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    Default Re: Little tricks to share

    I keep a few safety pins on my vest to help clean clogged eyes.


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    Default Re: Little tricks to share

    Put everything back and zip everything up.

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