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    A couple of weeks age, I saw a Darwin awards movie. It was pretty good. It had the one with the guy strapping a JATO rocket to his car, leaving the road (airborne) and smashing into the side of a mountain. Myth busters busted that myth as having never really happened. But in the movie, they cast the mythbuster guys as the military surplus store owners that sell the guy the JATO rocket. You had to be a fan of mythbusters to fully appreciate the scene. The show they busted it with was pretty good. They remote controlled an Impala and stuck a rocket on it. It failed to go airborne. They made a dirt ramp to assist it's departure from terra firma. It was way more an impact with the ramp than a jump. A spectacular end to the car. It was a great show.

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    Default Re: Darwin Awards 09...


    I wish I had seen that show, sounds pretty interesting!


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