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    Default Re: Ketchin' Fish... the OLD fashioned way.

    Was fishing a small stream in a state game lands near my house for native brookies several years ago. Fishing was good and just about every hole would produce one or two of these little beauty's. Sadly I did keep one 5 inch fish that had somehow grown into an aluminum pop top tab. His gut was half the size of the rest of his body how he had survived as long as he did was beyond me.
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    Default Re: Ketchin' Fish... the OLD fashioned way.

    Was fishing the Arkansas river in Colorado last April hadn't seen anyone else fishing the section of the river we were fishing. Just trying to kill some time early in the morning waded about 200 yards up stream from camp and on the way back down noticed some green cord out in the middle of the river went over to investigate and it was a stringer. I assume the fish had managed to get away from who ever caught it and. It dragged it around till it caught up in the pile of rocks. Had a really nice brown on it, went ahead and set him free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fredaevans View Post
    Oddest fish I never hooked, but landed was a more than a few years back. Fishing on a SW Washington stream and this particular bit of water isn't all that wide, but deeper than heck. Re-strung the single hander with a 300 grain Teeny head line and off we go.

    A few casts into this and line stops, rod begins to 'throb;' set the hook and fish on! End game is I've just about got the fish to the surface and I look at my leader .... and the whole darned thing (my fly included) is out of the water!

    What I'd hooked was someone else's busted off fish. Only thing I can think of is the guy broke his line and the lead (a goodly chunk) had stuck between a couple of rocks on the bottom. My fly caught the leader, pulled the lead off the bottom and away we go.

    Happened to me too, only I hooked a piece of dead brush. As I was pulling on it, I noticed that the brush was fighting. To make a long story short, I snagged a brush to which was attached a gnarl of mono. This had somehow gotten tangled with line attached to a Copper John that had somehow snagged the brown in the nether regions.
    I cut the mono line, and let the brown go, still attached to her Copper John jewelry.

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