Scientists have discovered a disturbing 1,000 year cycle that is happening in the Bitteroot River, Mt. They have cataloged fossils that show extremely large Salmon Flies from 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 thousand years ago. And now the cycle has come around again and we are seeing gigantic Salmon Flies begining to hatch on the river that are, to be honest, quite frightening.

The Bitterroot is known for the huge Salmon Fly hatches starting in late May or early June. They are large in size and can give you quite a start when they wizz by your head like a Piper Cub. The nymph shucks left on the banks are sometimes big enough to trip over and they carpet the landscape.

It is a whole new deal with these pre-historic Salmon Flies that are begining to emerge with the warmer temperatures of late. These things are monsters!
I don't know if they are man eaters, but I think I will be carrying my .41mag for a while. And I'm assuming that if the hatch numbers are anywhere near normal numbers in the Bitterroot hatch, they will have to call out the National Guard and possibly bring anti-aircraft guns with them. If for no other reason than to prevent vehicular deaths from them colliding with windshields. How would you like to have a 40lb Salmon Fly come through your windshield?
(and we used to complain about the six inch splater from the regular ones)

One reason why I'm posting this is to see if any of you fly tyers would be interested in making me up a few nymphs and some adults for dry fly fishing. I know you will have to charge me extra for the materials, but it will be worth it to be a part of this once in a 1,000 years event. I realize that this could be a little tricky, but I have a eight inch Craftsman vise and some garden tools I can loan you if that would help.

I gotta get a bigger rod too! Don't know if my 8wt can handle it. Any suggestions would be helpful.