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    Default Humour in Fly Fishing - Proof we're not all snobs ;)

    Here's something I wrote up for a gear fishing site:

    Often referred to as snobbish, fly fisher’s are used to the stereo-types. However, I think fly fisher’s have all the fun! Ya...we may play with bugs...and ya...we have more feathers and craft supplies than most scrap booking stores...and yes it's true we don't like fishing amongst a crowd of people, but how can you say we’re snobbish when we name our flies “Boobies” and “Butt Monkeys”?

    Here’s a list of funny fly fishing terms and their meanings:

    -Booby -Hehe, booby…umm…apologies there. A “booby” is an English fly pattern featuring large foam eyes making it a buoyant fly. This is commonly used with sinking line and when you twitch the line the fly will dart downwards and when paused it will float upwards. It has proven to be a killer fly for provoking strikes.

    -Barely Legal (Kelly Galloup) -Girls look WAY older than they are these days and…I digress…”Barely Legal” is a large, two-tone articulated streamer utilizing a weighted “Fish Skull” for the head. This is a great, bright day fly.

    -Blob -RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! The blob is a small, brightly coloured UK pattern that is very effective for early season Rainbow Trout. Very easy to tie, the Blob uses a tuft of marabou for the tail and wrapped “fritz” or crystal chenille for the body, tie on a short-shanked hook.

    -Bugger -Something that gets on your nerves can be a real bugger….but in fly fishing it is arguably the most popular fly in the world. It is characterized by the palmered hackle body. It is an attractor pattern that has been tied in every possible way imaginable! One thing for certain…THEY WORK!

    -Bung -Only the UK would come up with a word like “bung”. This is their term for an indicator or small float in which flies are hung from in a static position.

    -Butt Monkey (Scott E Smith) -I hope you didn’t try to envision this one. It is a large, sculpin pattern created by Northwestern Ontario’s Scott E Smith. It features a woolhead, rabbit strip wing, and sparkle chenille body. This was created for going after large Brook Trout on the Nipigon River.

    -Butt Section -Wow….look at the butt section on that one! A term used to describe the thick/heavy end of a fly leader.

    -Butt Sump (Kelly Galloup) – The machine used for rectal enemas is called a butt sump…but in this case it is a combination of a Sump fly and the Butt Monkey. “Sump+Butt Monkey=Butt Sump!” Kelly is creative with his fly naming and well, this one is just simple math.

    -Buzzer -The UK term for flies tied to mimic/resemble chironomids or midge larvae/pupae.

    -Conehead -”Beldar, do you have any more of that gum?” No it’s not referring to Dan Aykroyd, rather it is a form of bead that is tapered to a cone, which is often used to add weight to streamers like in Zuddler pattern.

    -Damsel -”Oh no, please save me!” Damsel in distress? I wish! A Damsel is a smaller more delicate cousin of the dragonfly. The juvenile Damselflies are a primary food source for trout and fishing a damsel nymph pattern can be very effective!

    -Dink -The slow driver ahead of you who is doddling and preventing you from getting to your favorite fishing spot before the late morning hatch, is a DINK! But also it is a term used to describe small, unwanted fish when larger fish are around and available to be caught.

    -Double Haul -No it’s not a pot-smoking term, it refers to a method of loading up the rod and gaining line speed and distance to your cast.

    -Drag -Fly fishers may dress pretty ridiculous at times but no, we don’t wear dresses and put on make-up. Drag is the term used to refer to the braking system applied to the line from the reel. This puts tension on the line as a fish pulls it from the reel.

    -Drogue -The UK term for drift sock, which like a large parachute which is placed over the side of the boat into the water. It slows down your drift so you can concentrate on fishing while fishing stillwaters/lakes.

    -Eddy -Everyone’s favorite party friend…Actually an eddy is a place in a river where the water is moving in a different direction or different speed than the main current. This acts as a holding area for fish as they wait for drifting bugs in the current break.

    -Egg Sucking Leech -A term used to describe your dead-beat brother in-law! Ok, it’s not, an egg sucking leech is a leech pattern with an orange head.

    -Fish Ladder -How can fish climb ladders without arms? A fish ladder is a man-made, step system used to allow migratory fish to move upstream or downstream when a dam or large waterfall prevents them from migrating.

    -Fritz -A UK term for crystal/cactus chenille, a tying material for creating flashy bodies or heads.

    -Foul Hook -When you hook a fish other than in the mouth, it is referred to as “foul hooked”.

    -Head -Giving a fly, head…is not as dirty as you think. It is the head of the fly which is located at the eye/ring of the hook.

    -Herl -After a long night of heavy drinking, you might want to hurl…oh wait, HERL…with an “e”! This refers to the peacock feather pieces which are used to created bodies, heads, and fly wings.

    -Long Rod -We don’t like to brag or anything but our rods are bigger than yours. No big deal really. And the whole, “its not the size that matters, it’s how you use it”, well, we not only have long rods…but we’re very adept with them. =P Ok, ok, it is a slang term for a fly rod.

    -Palming -When you are bigger than someone and you put your whole hand over someone’s face…or it is using an open hand to slow down your spool when a fish is running away quickly! Watch those fingers though, as the reel handle can give you a good whack!

    -Peanut Envy (Kelly Galloup) -In the locker room and you say to yourself, I'm not going to look, eyes to the floor, eyes to the floor....DANG IT! Ok, not that? Oops! You were thinking it, I know it. Don't try and deny it. Kelly Galloup proves he can not only create killer flies but also come up with some clever names. This fly is an articulated fly with a lot going for it. Lead eyes, marabou tail and wing, palmered body, and rubber legs.

    -Priest -Can you guess what a priest would have to do with fly fishing? Bet ya you can’t! A priest is a UK term for a fish whacker to quickly kill a fish you wish to keep for dinner.

    -Sex Dungeon (Kelly Galloup) -I think Mr. Galloup should seek some help…or teach others to have as much fun as he seems to have! Another killer articulated pattern, this using a deerhair head and an absolute must have for big predatory trout!

    -Stimulator -No its not a type of vibrator…sicko! It’s a dry fly designed as an attractor pattern and a very effective searching fly.

    -Stripping -Just close your eyes and let the music take you away and make you move…uhhh…ok, oops, not that kind of stripping. My bad. Stripping is a term used to describe retrieving line by hand. The speed of your retrieve can be slow or fast, depending upon how you want to animate your fly.

    -Taddies -Those UK fishers and their crazy terms. A taddy is an attractor pattern which doesn’t replicate anything, and is used to trigger aggressive strikes. It has a big head and long, skinny tail, like a tadpole. Hence the name.

    -Whip Finish -Kinky ya? Alright, it’s totally not that and is how you finish off your tied fly. It is a form of knot which prevents your thread from unraveling.

    -Wounded Cheesy -What the heck? A “wounded cheesy” is a colour-form of the butt monkey, using primarily blaze orange. Orange woolhead, rabbit strip, and crystal chenille body. The only parts not orange on the fly are a chartreuse marabou tail, and a red hackle collar.

    -Zonker -After a long day of fishing and you feel really tired, this can be referred to as being zonkered! But “zonker” is a type of streamer pattern using a rabbit strip wing and a mylar tubing body.

    Well there ya have it. A list of crazy fly terms showing that we’re not a bunch of pipe-smoking, stuffy, lairds! We come in all shapes and all have one thing in common, we are passionate about our sport but also like to have fun!

    You stay classy fly bums! :^P

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    Default Re: Humour in Fly Fishing - Proof we're not all snobs ;)

    That's a beauty Nick! No more tweed jackets flyfishing has entered the modern era! Well written!

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    Try telling someone on the water 20 years ago that you just got a new buff and were using a Sex Dungeon and they would quickly move down stream !
    "I was born to fish" Lee Wulff
    "There's more B.S. in fly fishing then there is in a Kansas feedlot." Lefty Kreh
    " It ain't over till it's over." Yogi Berra
    "Your not old,you've simply acquired a patina." Swirlchaser

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    Default Re: Humour in Fly Fishing - Proof we're not all snobs ;)

    Great list!

    Dan Delekta owner of Beartooth Fly fishing on the Madison has some great names (that reflect his fun loving personality) for his patterns - eg. Twisted Sister, 'Lil Spanker

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    Default Re: Humour in Fly Fishing - Proof we're not all snobs ;)

    Epic! Well written! I would show the wife, but she would just shake her head and walk away, muttering something about acting my age

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    Default Re: Humour in Fly Fishing - Proof we're not all snobs ;)

    you forgot another great Kelly Gallop fly.. Zoo Cougar

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    Default Re: Humour in Fly Fishing - Proof we're not all snobs ;)

    That is a great list thanks for sharing

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