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    Windows 8 is another successful flop by Microsoft. I liked XP... Vista is garbage... They fixed it with Win7... Ruined it again. Imho they should've just kept XP... By far the most stable operating system windows released in the last 15 years. The usual culprit is all the bloatware companies add to their computers before they sell them off to you. I had a minimized version of XP called TinyXP that had all the bells and whistles ripped from it... Total install was just over 400mb... Never crashed. No bsod.

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    Default Re: Old, but you need to buy a new 'Putter.'

    The trouble with M$ dropping support for XP is that vulnerabilities in the newer versions of Windows may be present in XP as well and will not be patched. Further, the bad guys are adept at reverse engineering, so patches released in the future may reveal some clue as to something amiss in XP. M$ has had (modulo this January) an unbroken string of critical vulnerabilities each month, some of which are remotely exploitable, many of which are susceptible to "drive bys" or phishing. If you run Windows, it's a good idea to stay patched. It's an even better idea not to run as administrator (the default configuration in many Windows installations), especially when you're dealing with stuff on the Internet (and that includes email).

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    Windows 10 will be a free download for 8 and 8.1 users. I absolutely hate 8.1.

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