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    Default Skinnydipping coeds

    The old farmer had built a nice pond way out back on his property in a quiet apple orchard. He had not been out there for years, but when his wife said she'd bake some apple pies if he would gather some fruit, he grabbed a 5 gallon bucket and headed down to the orchard.
    As he approached the pond, he heard laughing, splashing and girls giggling. There was a group of coeds from the local college skinnydipping in the cool water of the pond He cleared his throat and made his presence known. The girls all went to the deep part of the pond, and one of them shouted that they would not get out until he left.
    The old boy said he did not go there to look at them swimming naked, or to make them get out. He held up the bucket and said : " I'm just here to feed the alligator "

    After dessert that night, he smiled as told his wife that he had never enjoyed an apple pie as much as this one.
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    Default Re: Skinnydipping coeds

    That was pretty funny, pretty smart old farmer!

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    Default Re: Skinnydipping coeds

    Hahaha! My kind of farmer!
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    Default Re: Skinnydipping coeds

    that was pretty good

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    Thumbs up Re: Skinnydipping coeds

    Still love this story.

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