My buddy Harry would leave little lists of fishing stuff he wanted laying around for his wife to find. He hoped to get something he really wanted for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc. It never produced the desired result. New underwear, deodorant, and socks were pretty much it.
Harry decided to stimulate his better half, get her thinking, and make her a bit more willing to please.
He wrote out a long list on plain notebook paper, and wrote " here's the list you wanted " on the top of the page.
Then he wrote another note on pink paper in lipstick that said " we'll see ! " and drew a heart on it. He had the girl at Macy's spray some expensive perfume on it, and took it home. He wrapped both notes in a piece of lace, tied a bow in it and hid the whole thing in the bottom of the dresser drawer, deep under some clothes.
The gifts improved immediately.
His wife, who had a pretty good sense of humor, put a few pair of xx large mens bikini underwear in his dresser. They were obviously not his size, style or color.
She started getting better gifts too .
Moral of the story ?
Whats good for the goose, is good for the gander .