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  1. Default Boudreau On The Fly

    Boudreau was casting his green popping bug into the bayou. Beside him was an ice chest full of fish. The game warden came up and asked him for his fishing license. Boudreau replied he wasn't fishing, only practicing.

    "Then what are all these fish doing in your cooler?" asked the warden.

    "Oh, dem's some of my pet fish. I keep em in a tank back at the house, and every day I brings em down here and lets em swim in de bayou. When I get ready to take em back to de house, I whistle em up and they come back to the cooler."

    "I don't believe that, you'll have to show me" said the warden. At that, Boudreau poured the fish into the bayou. After about fifteen minutes, the warden told Boudreau to whistle up the fish.

    "What fish?" asked Boudreau.

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    Boudreau must have been an LSU grad. What do you think Cliff?

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    No doubt he was, and the game warden was obviously an Aggie.

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