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Thread: Bear Bait

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    the pope was driving in the mountains of montana when he found a man in save the earth hat and a peta shirt getting mauled by a 10 foot grizzly all of a suden 10 loggers came out of the wood work and shot the bear in the chest with a .44 mag the pope went over to the loggers and the half eatin man and said wow I did no know loggers would really help a enviromentilist in time of need I give you the lords blessing for being so curtius then he left, the one logger looked at the other and said who was that? 2nd logger says I think it was the pope 1st logger laughed and said well I dont think he knows what bear bait is think we should head into missoula and grab another one or is this one holding up for another go around.

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    He he he thats cool man,,,,,,

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    This is just so wrong but I love it!


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    We all know what everyone says about Religion & Politics however with Pita Involved that's a different proposition as over The years they're Stirred up heaps of Trouble over here ?
    I've a Cartoon Pic somewhere of 2 Bears outside a Cave with Bones all around & have just finishing eating.
    The Caption read " Send more Tourists the last ones were delicious"... maybe The Words should have been different.


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    Similar cartoon: Two bears in the bushes are watching two campers making love in their tent. The bear says', Let's eat 'em before they get all sweaty."

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